No CDs?

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Being in the market for a new car we learned something.
Well, we have learned a lot. One thing is that we learned is that the new cars do not come with CD players. Well, not the cars that we looked at.
How do we have our audio books read to us without a CD player?
Then I got to thinking. What is next?
At home there is Alexa that will play any music that we ask her to. Nothing else is required. She will even tell us jokes. We just say “Alexa, please play the sound track from “Mama Mia” and for the next hour or so (or until we tell her to do something different) the great Abba songs from the broadway play “Mama Mia” play as loud (or as soft) as we ask Alexa to play.
Is there an Alexa for the vehicles? Or is one in the works? And like our software licenses that are “in the cloud”, will automobiles go to a 100% subscription service?
If not, then that would be a good invention. As one drives down the road they could ask the car to play certain songs and “poof… there it is”.
That brings me back to the audio books question. If we can get music on demand will we also be able to get audio books on demand? Like, ask the car to read John Grisham’s book “Runaway Jury” and the reader of the book has his voice come through our car? That could be a neat feature. Of course there would be either a subscription or ala carte order and we would get the bill at the end of the month. But what different would that be than buying or renting the audio book and listening to it from the CD?
GPS voice commands and roadmaps are already a feature. What is the next technology? And how much will it cost?
Stay tuned.

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