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Sunrise By David Coy: Children and Grief

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By David Coy

David Coy

During the years 1901 to 1904 the artist Pablo Picasso painted all his paintings in shades of blue. His subjects were the lonely, suffering, impoverished and outcasts in society. I understand from this we all understand and experience grief, sorrow and healing from our sorrow uniquely different from others. The above is how Pablo Picasso understood his subjects and interpreted them in shades of blue. As we all look at our sorrow uniquely from those around us, children who may be too often overlooked are no different. They deserve and depend upon us certain attributes in times of sorrow. We should speak and walk in our journey with grief that they may emulate what they are seeing in us. No matter our struggles there is hope of tomorrow if breathe remains we have hope for a better tomorrow.
Children will not always share what is going on inside in times of sorrow no more than we who are adults do. We as adults will need to display proper manner of life before them even during times when we are feeling blue. We may not feel like celebrating the holiday, but what about our children? What are their feelings during this holiday season in their journey with grief? Are we modeling a posture of hope before children who are looking up to us? “For I reckon that the sufferings of the present time (are) not worthy (to be compared) with the glory about to be revealed in us…and hope beheld is not hope; for what anyone beholds why does he also hope for” (hope), Romans 8:18, 24. Looking forward this text views hope in the future. Our future always possesses the hope potential. We may endure if necessary this holiday season if this is not a time we are looking toward with joyful anticipation. If we are looking forward with joyful anticipation then perhaps we may help comfort those who are not.

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