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Sunrise By David Coy: Direction

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By David Coy

David Coy

We ended the year with all of our achievements, challenges and heartaches. One positive aspect for some people is that it is an opportunity for a new beginning. For others it is a continuation of the previous year and their struggle goes on. The apostle Paul knew of struggles and heartaches. He spoke of his experiences of being beaten, imprisoned, stoned, imperil of his life, shipwrecked, etc. He knew sorrow. Yet, this same individual said he was content (literally, to think well of, approve, consent, take delight or pleasure) in his weaknesses, insults or injuries, his troubles, with persecutions, and distresses! (2 Corinthians 12:10) Wow, that is deep. Can there actually be some benefit to sorrow? Is there any way we may look forward with a positive mindset? 
Paul thought so. He said in Philippians 3:12, “Not that I already obtained, (He had not yet achieved his goal) or have already been perfected, (the analogy is that of a race and winning the gold medal) but I pursue, (to follow, pursue the direction of) if also I may lay hold of (take hold of, acquire)…” His point for us is with the new year no matter our circumstances, hope still exists to obtain or achieve our goal if we do not give up. We must pursue a forward direction toward our goal. This may mean learning to be content in our sorrow (endure) with our long term goal always in view. What is our goal for the future? Hopefully, it involves living in the present yet for the future. If this then is our combined goal for the future, then breathe by breathe, step by step, and day by day apply forward directed movement with as much positive mindset (not dwelling on the negative) as we can muster for today. Together we can reach our goal! If we may be of service, call on us.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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