Sunrise By David Coy: Eat & Sleep

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The importance of getting sufficient food and sleep during one’s journey with grief is crucial, as it is common for a person’s sleep and appetite to be disrupted when they are grieving. Often, people will not have a desire for food, as one person explained to me, echoing what so many have shared. They have lost weight because they were not eating due to a lack of interest. Then there is the possibility that likes and dislikes may change drastically after the loss of a loved one, especially if the loss was sudden, unexpected, and undesired. There is also the potential of overeating as well as under-eating. This is why it is valuable to have a support system of family, friends and others who are trusted to lean on and use as coaches toward properly rebuilding healthy habits in the area of food regime. As I have suggested before, even if you do not have any desire to eat, you need to eat at least one adequate meal each day.

Experts proclaim the need for sufficient and efficient sleep to overall good health. Thus, if you recognize that your sleep pattern has been disrupted in a negative direction, then you should seek advice and assistance toward resolving sleep issues. If you are sleeping a majority of the day, it may be that you need to seek professional assistance. If you are not sleeping but a few hours a night or your sleep cycle is choppy, then you may need to seek professional assistance. What you can do to help yourself is get on a set schedule, going to bed the same time each night and getting up each morning at the same time. Physical activity during the day may also assist with your ability in going to sleep and staying asleep as well. Sometimes, vitamins, herbs, and minerals (such as magnesium) assist well in sleep. Find what works for you.

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