Sunrise By David Coy: Hang On

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By David Coy

During our time of forced isolation, we may be feeling cabin fever along with a variety of other emotions among which is doubt. Doubt about the future, as our economy was damaged beyond repair, needlessly according to some. We also may find ourselves worried that our financial and physical well-being in jeopardy. This may trigger a sense of panic to our stability and security, and we hope for the return to life as it was prior to the feeding frenzy of panic with the unknown. What is certain is that in many ways our lives will not be the same as our previous routine. With the uncertainty as to financial recovery for small businesses, the health of those with higher susceptibility to highly contagious illnesses and escalating unemployment added to hyper panic created by some groups, people’s minds become filled with doubt, fear, loss of faith and hope.
How do we combat fear, doubt and grief to rebuild when we have experienced loss, possibly multiple losses? By accepting the reality that our lives are brief with many unforeseen variables that may change our course or derail us in our walk of life. An example is the life of a true historical character named Job. He was affected with multiple losses – financial, familial and phyiscal. How did he not break mentally as well as in other ways? By not letting go of faith and hope in his life. It saw him through, and it can see us through as well. Ancient writers describe our brief life as marred by sorrow and affliction. Experience has proven this to be true. Through it all we are exhorted to consider our mortality and choose to live wisely. I believe many of us are doing just that during this crisis.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,

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