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Sunrise By David Coy: Life Shared

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By David Coy

David Coy

If a childhood is unpredictable, unbalanced and dysfunctional, this can have a major influence and impact on a youth that can carry over into their adult years. In some homes a parent may be a habitual and heavy drinker of intoxicating drink. I experienced this to some degree; others have experienced it much more severely. This is a type of loss that is very negative, and if you add to this marital separation, this also compounds the negative impact in the life of a young person. If, in addition, the youth loses a sibling in a violent way at, say, the young age of twenty-one, this will produce grief upon grief in a life that can build up over the years. What if the death occurred from use of a weapon given by a parent and then used in an altercation with someone outside the family known by the other parent? This could not have been easy to cope with for anyone in the family. The above has happened countless times to many people the world over. How do you cope and manage such intense sorrow and heartache in a single solitary life? It is not easy and is fraught with many perils if you have to travel that journey alone. Many have succumbed to the pitfalls that are lined with walking that path alone. Many errors that can be made will scar a person for life simply because they walked the journey alone. The reasons for a person walking the journey with grief alone are many, and that is why I constantly exhort and instruct that we do not walk the journey alone. We all need support. We need people in our support system who have gained wisdom in life and can share their wisdom with us who are not as wise, so we may not make preventable mistakes from walking alone.
I hope to see you in grief support group in the future that we may support one another.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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