Sunrise By David Coy: Lost In

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By David Coy

David Coy

Some cues if someone is struggling with unresolved or complicated grief is when talking about the loss a person has experienced creates intense fresh grief. Another cue is radical changes in previously normal or routine habits and relationships. Then there is purposefully isolating oneself in living in the past or not letting ourselves move forward from the past. When others, perhaps family or strangers even point out this obvious characteristic, and we immediately get defensive and separate ourselves from that discussion and leave; then there is a problem in our journey with grief we are not dealing with. It is like a description someone said of another I heard recently. They said, “When you are focused, you are like a fanged wolf howling high on a mountain, and now they were like a toothless piglet lost in the woods.” Sometimes we may not realize we are lost in a forest we ourselves have created in our grief. Others can see we are lost and stuck, but we can not. In some cases we may refuse to even listen to that reality when others attempt to point it out.
It is not healthy if we or others see us in this condition. As someone said recently, it is alright to ask or seek assistance; none of us are an island to ourselves. We do not have to walk alone, and we should not try to do so during our sad journey with grief. Even Jesus had his close circle of friends (Mark 5:37) and with whom he shared his most intense and fresh grief (Matthew 26:36, 39, 42; Mark 14:32-35; Luke 22:39-46). Whether in times that were good (Luke 22:15) or a time that is not good, but necessary to endure (John 19:26-27) it is beneficial to have people you love and who love you close.
This is one value of our grief support, if we may be of service allow us.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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