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Sunrise By David Coy: Love Sometimes Hurts

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By David Coy

Chemically, a catalyst is that which “induces or accelerates rate of change.” By analogy, “Any person or thing which as a social or other effect analogous with catalysis.” Love lost hurts. Love’s desire is to work no hurt to anyone, but sometimes, life unexpectedly will develop in such a way to cause hurt in our lives. Love seeks to do good to all people and help their growth and development. Sometimes, life cuts short our goals and that of others. We find ourselves at a crossroads in our journey with grief of all the accomplishments and goals we will never see fulfilled. Marguerite Wilkinson said it this way, “I never cut my neighbor’s throat; my neighbor’s gold I never stole; I never spoiled his house or land: but God have mercy on my soul; for I am haunted day and night for all the deeds I have not done: O, unattended loveliness! O costly valor never won!” Regret can be a powerful ingredient in our sorrow. Sometimes life gives us times, moments of regret mixed with deep sorrow.
In all of our trials, tribulations, losses and gains, sorrows and joys in life, hopefully, prayerfully, we do not become bitter and resentful. We will not always understand why situations arise where we lose someone or something we highly esteem and value. That does not mean there was no rhyme or reason behind what happened. It just means we do not know or understand on this side of eternity. One point we should know, we are not alone, and we should not isolate ourselves from socialization from others completely nor permanently. If we do restrict our involvement, it needs to be temporary and limited. Then we need to let others in and reach out to others seeking to help others in their time of need. Hurts are healed through love. Love is the catalyst.
This is Sunrise Aftercare, sunrise@sfdcares.com.

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