Sunrise By David Coy: Offense

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By David Coy

David Coy

Has anyone ever said anything to you or about you that was cruel, insensitive or untrue? Or have you ever committed a similar act toward someone else? I can remember others telling me of something someone said or did that hurt them deeply. We may not care if someone says something unkind to or about us, but do so against our spouse or children, grandchildren now that is another matter. This is often how we think is it not? When someone does commit an offense against you or a family member is it easy to forgive and forget? Is it necessary or important? We have all struggled with this topic. There is an old adage – when you forgive do not leave the handle to the ax above ground. If we do forgive, we must forget the offense, or forgiveness has not taken place. Further, it is important to forgive others because we all have been guilty of an offense in our past and desire to be forgiven. Thus, if we would be forgiven we must be forgiving.
Truly, this is a difficult principle to fulfill. When we are wronged we want to lash out especially if we already are hurting because of sorrow present in our lives. If we would receive mercy then we must show mercy (James 2:13). We do not have the space to fully develop the passage, but a marvelous passage in Matthew 18:15-35 deals with the benefit and importance of forgiveness. The passage deals with it from a spiritual emphasis, but there is also a health component that needs to be emphasized. An unforgiving heart will destroy the person from the inside out of the one who is harboring ill will toward others. I can see I will have to continue this next week. Key words are brought out in this passage that I can only mention now; forgive, compassion (or mercy), and patience. Till next week…
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