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Sunrise By David Coy: Overly Anxious

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By David Coy

Is it realistic to not worry about tomorrow? What exactly does that mean? Many people are clearly worried and struggling with serious financial and other types of concern through no fault of their own. So what then does it mean to be not anxious? Shakespeare said, “The native hue of resolution is skilled o’er with pale cast of thought (anxiety),” and this certainly describes a large segment of us today. It is only natural that we are going to worry and be concerned, so it does not mean to ‘not worry.’ What it does mean is to not become obsessed with worry or anxiety to the point of mental deficiency. The word anxious in the Greek originally meant to ‘divide,’ thus we should not grow in anxiety or anxiousness. How do we accomplish this? 
Keeping our focus of our heart and not allow circumstances of lesser import to distract us from priorities. Overly anxiousness is a distraction. It is proper to be concerned and healthy; it is not to be obsessed with worry or anxiousness or anxiety. Sometimes, we can allow something or someone to become a distraction and consume our energy and tear us down. Keep focus on first things first (prioritize). Second, we should recognize when we need the assistance from others outside of ourselves. Do not allow pride to be an obstacle to achieving success with the help of someone else. We are not an island to ourselves. A threefold cord is not easily broken. We are stronger when we have common interests and goals alongside others; that is why our constitution, for example, is so important. It is what makes America what it is as a nation. Concern for one another is what makes us humane and preserves our humanity. Thus, it is good for us to be concerned for one another in our distress and show that we care.
This is Sunrise Aftercare, sunrise@sfdcares.com.

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