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Sunrise By David Coy: Sitting Through Life

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By David Coy

David Coy

Once upon a time there was an individual who enjoyed life to the fullest. They engaged in a very active life, one which involved numerous outdoor activities and a very robust social life. Their calendar was always completely filled in a life that was never still. Inactivity was a word and posture they did not know. One day they were walking down Main Street U.S.A., not watching where they were going, and as they crossed, a vehicle hit them fast and sure. Sadly, this left the individual paralyzed with just enough use in a few fingers of one hand enabling them to use the controls of a wheelchair. Over time, this person became depressed and bitter, having lost all passion and desire for life. They were stuck in a journey with grief that they continually fed, allowing them to remain just as they were. They never improved mentally or emotionally because their active life had become inactive in their mind as well as their body, and this was something they chose not to accept. Thus, they gave up on living for just existing.
Truly, change can be daunting to accept when life delivers a curve ball to all our plans. This person above gave up on life because life had changed so drastically, and they refused to change with life. They did not see they had any purpose to fulfill since their life had changed so drastically from what they had planned; instead they saw no purpose left to fulfill. Sound familiar? Do you know anyone who has become stuck in a rut of depression and despondency seeing no hope or purpose for their present and future. I have known someone who could be described like this. It is vital that we accept reality when change happens and change with it. There is always a purpose we need to fill. We do not need to sit through life. If we may serve you in some way, I hope you will allow us to do so.
This is Sunrise Aftercare. ~ David

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