Sunrise By David Coy: Succeed

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By David Coy

David Coy

Do you know of a family member who is struggling to manage an illness of their mind? Are you attempting to assist them in learning to accept their life much the same way as others have done so successfully? One person said that they were diagnosed with C-PTSD (Complex Post Trauma), and Michael Phelps is said that he manages attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Abraham Lincoln is said to have dealt with severe incapacitating depression that occasionally led to thoughts of suicide. Isaac Newton is said to have dealt with manic depression. Ludwig van Beethoven is said to have struggled with manic depression. Lionel Aldridge, a defensive end in the professional football league, is reported to have learned to manage schizophrenia yet not without real world struggles including homelessness for a period of time. All these and many others we could mention not only struggled within themselves, but loved ones close to them also grieved over the tribulations of learning how to succeed with these challenges.
While the mental health experiences are very real so are the successes. Many of the names mentioned above you no doubt recognize are success stories! Yes, they had challenges and struggles that are not to be minimized that they carried with them. Loved ones no doubt also who walked with them carried much sorrow as they experienced their setbacks and successes. We do not speak near enough of the reality of mental health, the grief that family members also carry as they attempt to support or the reality that people can succeed in life as did and do so many. Are you a success story, or are you yet a work in progress? If you are in sorrow and if we may be of support, please contact us.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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