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Sunrise By David Coy: Who Am I?

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By David Coy

David Coy

Grief involves a multiplicity of emotions and symptoms that may affect us mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually not just emotionally. Grief will also affect our life’s important activities such as school or work and relationships such as brother, sister or husband and wife and co-workers and fellow students. Emotions can be intense on their own, but the unique aspect to grief is we often experience a numerous emotions and symptoms at the same time so the intensity is compounded. Of course, all of this is dependent upon the depth of our love and relationship to the one whom we lost and our understanding of the separation.
Along with the drastic change in our role in that relationship, we may experience fear and/or anxiety with the change. Questions may arise and swirl in our head such as, “Am I going crazy,” “How do I cope,” and with many people, “Who am I now?” Frequently, we build an identity around a significant individual in our life that when they depart whether expected or not it is a major hit to our psyche. We may lose grasp of our own identity because our world, our identity was entwined (much like the strands of rope) that once a separation takes place we may not be clear as to our identity. A classic example of this is a husband and wife. While married they consider themselves a dynamic duo. Separated, there may be confusion as to who the remaining individual is? The survivor does not enjoy going out to eat alone or does not enjoy seeing couples happy when they do go out to eat. They may feel like a square peg in a round hole when they are in mixed company with friends where some of them are couples. It will take some time and adjustment to figure out just who I am now that this person I love is no longer a part of my life. Creating a new me will take work. If we may be of service, allow us.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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