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Sunrise By David Coy: Yolanda C. Gigliotti

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By David Coy

David Coy

All life matters. The human race from conception to death is precious. Miss Yolanda was born in Cairo to Italian parents. Her father was a musician, and her mother a seamstress. When World War II began her father was taken to a prison by allied forces along with all Italian males. He did not see his family until 1944, and by then he ceased to be the loving kind father and musician he was previously. He became moody and violent. Her father died suddenly in 1945. Yolanda, as she was also known, became one of France’s most successful singers with a 30 year plus career with a multitude of awards. Her life ended in tragedy when she committed suicide in her home in 1987. One writer described it this way: “For every high in her professional life she had extreme lows in her personal life.” Just as her father’s incarceration was apparently traumatic for him, so were her personal sorrows and losses in her personal life. As a child she endured abuse. She married young, and her husband lost his life to suicide. A close friend of hers and a former lover also died of suicide. Yolanda tragically suffered a drug overdose, leaving a note that read in part, “Life is unbearable for me…forgive me.”
In 2020, more than 47,000 Americans died by suicide, a 33% increase from 2000, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts. According to asp.org white males made up 69.68% of deaths by suicide in 2020, with males dying at a rate 3x higher than females. The Army had its worst rate since World War II in 2021 as did law enforcement. To those you are close to in family and friends, stay close and become even closer. Pay attention to their routine behavior and any radical changes. Life is precious, and there are people in our lives who may need help. If we may be of service please allow us to do so.
This is Sunrise Aftercare. ~ David

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