The Chester County Chamber welcomes Cookies for Cancer

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On Jan. 3, The Chester County Chamber of Commerce celebrated with Beth Everett in her business Cookies For Cancer. Cookies for Cancer joined the chamber and had its ribbon cutting that day.
Everett, a Missouri native, lost her Dad in May 2018 of cancer after fighting 4-and-a-half years.
“That September I was feeling helpless, blue and all the other emotions that goes with losing a loved one. Since I would go home around Thanksgiving, I thought this year I would serve Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner’s out of my home. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas my Dad would always call and ask me to make this cookie or that one for him. That is where Cookies For Cancer came from. I knew God was trying to show me something just wasn’t sure what it was.
“I decided at Christmas to make homemade cookies and candy and pass them out to families or people who would like some old fashion cookies or candy, and in return, I asked for a donation to The American Cancer Society.
“In December 2018 my Mom would had been 14 years breast cancer free, but in January it had came back and took her home. At that point, I knew what God had been trying to tell me, ‘Grow my Cookies For Cancer organization.’”
Cookies For Cancer has 4 major events each year they are the following: Thanksgiving is serving Free Homemade Dinners, Christmas is Free Homemade Cookies & Candy, Easter is serving Free Ham Dinners, Summer is Free BBQ Dinners. Homemade lunches are delivered to local merchants once a week.
Along with these events, she makes homemade desserts or meals for anyone who is having a benefit or just wanting some homemade cooking. All proceeds go to The American Cancer Society.

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