The Perfect Gift

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Dear Editor,

Christmas is nearly here. What a glorious time of year! Families gather to share precious memories of loved ones, friends and others. The snow starts falling. The wind is blowing. People are shopping for gifts. Children are laughing and playing, and it is time to trim the tree. Mom and grandma are in the kitchen cooking pies, cakes and food of all kinds. Yum yum! Dad and grandpa are watching football with the others and having fun just seeing who can tell the best story. Ha!

Now, it is time for all the kids to gather around grandma to hear that story – the story that they all wait to hear from year to year. This story never changes.

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the land, there was a peace in the sky. The stars shined so bright, but oh my! There was one star that out shined them all. That was the star that led three wise men and three shepherds to the stable where a precious Baby was to be born. Oh, what a wonderful sight to see – a manger with Baby Jesus lying there.

Now that you have heard the story of Jesus, can you guess what the perfect gift is for anybody? It has been paid in full and will cost you nothing. It is everlasting life with Jesus in Heaven. The Perfect Gift: Christ.

Merry Christmas!


Imogene Naylor


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