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The setback was a setup for a comeback

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After a tough loss to Henderson County earlier in the season, the CCJHS Eagles were looked to a rematch on Thursday night at Henderson County’s field. Where Henderson County left off at Eagle field, they picked up at their field. Henderson County was up 4-0 by the end of the first inning.
The Eagles kept giving it their all though. Brooks Johnson started off the second inning with a solid single hit that would end up being the spark that would heat up the bats and cleats for the Eagles. Chase Garner, Lane Estes, Jaden Weaver, and Jayce Goff, who scored a RBI with a solid hard ground ball, kept the hits coming. With a line drive to the Henderson County left fielder, Tucker McMahan drove in two more runs. Ultimately, the Eagles would go through their entire lineup before the Henderson County team would gather up three outs and end the half inning with the Eagles leading 6-4.
At the top of the fourth, the Eagles were down 6-7. Dean Estes scored a 2 run RBI with a double from a hit to center field. Kyson Taylor would follow it up with a double of his own and allow D. Estes to score. With a leading score of 9-7 at the start of the bottom of the fourth inning, fielding and pitching were crucial at holding the opposing team back. With solid fielding from pitcher, Weaver, Goff, Lane and a superman diving catch by Taylor, the Eagles pulled out a victory.
Caleb Cole and J. Weaver would combine on the pitcher’s hill to only allow eight hits. The Eagles started the Best of The West tournament Tuesday, April 13 at Riverside vs. Lexington. 

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