Times for ourselves

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By Dennis Richardson

Any other year I would look forward to warmer temperatures as a foretaste of summer good times.
It is one day at a time as the news tells us that some states or counties are chomping at the bits to reopen. Mobs march on state and national capitol buildings.
How long will this virus last? Will it ever go away? It is definitely hard to understand it and I am not sure if anyone truly understands it.
Since April is about gone we look ahead to May. Traditionally, May is a month full of optimism and events. Mother’s Day, graduations, and plans for summer vacations as soon as schools let out.
Schools let out long ago but it was just recently that we learned that for sure.
After schools finish many in our business work on summer events and plans for football.
Will our state reopen in May? Or June? And will it fully reopen or in only in stages.
Will we have summer ball seasons? What about football? Now there is the BIG question. How can we exist without football?
Think of all the lost revenues from ticket sales for ballgames, concerts, and other events that just are not happening. Thousands of $200-plus per night hotel rooms are empty.
Face it … who would have thought that we could not even “go to church”? We know that the church is the people and while meeting in our homes is very different, I admit that it has its merits. For one, we can “attend” several church services in one day with a laptop from the comfort of our living room.
We will be able to tell our grandchildren that we “walked to church in all types of weather”.
Priorities have rapidly changed. Since events are not being held they are out of my thoughts. I have more time to reflect and regroup.
Never in my lifetime has a virus dominated this way for so long and worldwide.
There will come a time when we are over it and will look back to the spring of 2020 as a time of remembrance.
Maybe things will get back to “normal” (whatever that is) and maybe they will not. And maybe that will be good. Our world has certainly slowed.
We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.
What do you think? We want to know. Send us a letter to the editor or write a guest column. How are you coping?

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