Turkey Tales: How do you cook a turkey?

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by students from Jacks Creek Elementary

Kindergarten: Ms. Rachel
First, put salt on it. Next, put it in the oven. Then, eat a chicken nugget. Cook at 28 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with hamburgers. By Peyton Austin
First, put seasoning on it. Next, put sauce on it. Then, put it in the ove. Cook at 50 degrees for 40 minutes. Serve with hot dogs. By Levi Northcott
First, put sauce on it. Next, cut it up. Then, bake it. Cook at 50 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve with carrots and mashed potatoes. By Alex Terry
Kindergarten: Ms. Lauren
First, cut it. Next, cook it. Then, serves it in a plate. Cook at 100 degrees for 10 minutes. Serve with solt. By Tadoo
First, hunt a turkey. Next, put salt on it. Then, serve at a plate. Cook at 19 degrees for 1 minute. Serve with blueberries.By Isaiah
First, go get a turkey. Next, put stuff on it. Then, bake it. Cook at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with saled. By Ava
First Grade: Ms. Vicki
 1. Get a turkey from the store. 2. Seson the turkey. 3. Cook the turkey. 4. Eat the turkey with my family and friends. By Pailyn Shumate

  1. Get the turkey. 2. Kill the turkey and freez it. 3. Get it out of the freezer. 4. Put seesining on it. 5. Poot it in the oven. 6. Get it out. 7. Then, eat it. By Emmett Buckley
    First Grade: Ms. Kady
    First, I buy the turkey. Next, I put stuffing in the turkey. Then, I cook the turkey. Last, I get the turkey out. By Korbin Roberts
    First, you buy a turkey. Next, you cook the turkey. Then you put sallt on it. Last, you eat it. By Timothy Collett
    First, you biye a turkey. Next, you out buter on the turkey. Then, you put the turkey in the uven. Last, you put the seasoning on the turkey. By Eloise Puttman
    First, you put buttr on the turkey. Next, you stuf stufing in the turkey. Then, you put it in the ovin. Last, you cut it and eat it. By Ellis Eads
    Second Grade: Ms. Charity
    First you get a dead turkey. Second put the dead turkey in the oven. Third put stufing in the turkey then put letes and tumedos in the turkey and peper on the turkey. By Sophia Marinez
    You can go hunt a turkey with a crossbow then taket it home scin it then cook it 4:30 mines then get cram bare sos then get uther food you like and get sensing for your turkey. The end. By Hunter McKinney
    First you haft to buy the turkey. Second you haft to stuf it and seasonin. Third you haft to levit in the fraser for 24 ours then you put it in the ufin.
    By Brice Thomas
    First buy a turkey. Then you put the butter on the skin of the turkey. Next set the oven. End put the stuffing in the turkey and put seasoning on the turkey then put it in the oven. Once the turkey is done take it out. By Abigail Bauer.
    Second Grade: Ms. Nancy
    I got to the store to get a turky then I go back home and pute vegabls around it. I pute some salt on it then I pute it to the oven. After the tukys done I got the vegabls cut them up. Then sprinkl them around the turky. I cut the turky up then I put some sesen. I pute som more vegabls and alitl fruit. By Briella
    First, I kill a turkey. Secend, I pluck the turkey. Then I put the turkey in the oven. Finilly I stuff the turkey with cranberrys, spices, and salt and pepper on top. By Jaxon
    First, you cut the wings and legs off. Then, you take the guts out. Next you put seezning on it. Finally you cook it when its done eat it. By Gage
    First I put the terky in a pan. Nest I put peper on it and good seesning on it to. Then I pree heet the uven. Now I put the terky in the uven. Last I put the terky on the table for us to eat. By Peton Bethune
    Third Grade: Mrs. Hailey
    First you get the tukey out of freezer and let it sit out for a little bit so it can defrost. Next, butter the turkey all over it. Then, put it in the oven for 30 min. Last, take it out of the ocean so everybody can eat it. By Luke Verduzco
    Fist, you let it sit for 24 hours. Next, you clean the turkey. Then, you cook it. Finally, you cook it for 3:24. Last, drisal it in gravy.
    First you kill the turkey. Next you clean it up, then put in the frige fro about a month or two. Then you get it out of the fridge and cook it. Finally, dinner time, you eat the turkey! And that is how you cook a tukey. By Halle Buckley
    First you need to go buy a turkey at a stor. Next put the turkey in the freezer for about a month. Then you take the turkey out of the freezer, then put the turkey on the count and rubb butter on it. Last put the turkey in the uven for about 3 hours. Then enjoy your Turkey. By LilyAnne Johnson
    Third Grade: Mrs. Melissa
    This is some steps on cooking a turkey. First, get your turkey owlet of the freezer. Nxet, you find a pan. Also, you ned to turn on the oven. Last, you need to put your turkey in the oven. Finally, you wate 15 menets. Then after is don you eat it. This is some steps on cooking a turkey.
    By Connor Johnson
    For Thanksgiving, I am going to cook a turky. First, I am going to defrost the turky. Then, I am gioing to put sallt, peper, and garlic. Next, I am giong to put it in the oven. I am gioing to put it on for  10 minits and the temp is 19%. Last, I am gioing to serve it.
    By Laura Tomlin
    This is how I will cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. First, preheat oven to 720 degrees fahrenheit. Next, put turkey in a pan and put in a oven. Then, wait 3 1/2 hours. Last, take out of oven and put on a plaster and season it. Also, let cook down then cut it up. That was how I was gioing to cook a turkey.
    By Liam Strickland

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