Turkey Tales

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We asked some local experts for their advice on how to cook the perfect turkey. Their answers did not disappoint.

Once Upon A Time Learning Center 4-5 year old class
South Washington Ave.

Put the turkey in your car and take it home. Then cook him on the stove. Cut feathers with a knife and eat ‘Em.
Jayce C., age 5

Run and try to catch them with a net. The feathers come off when you cook them. Cook for 33 minutes.
Carter M., age 4

Kill it with a shotgun. Grab his neck and put him in a truck and take him to a campsite. Gather sticks for a fire and then cook it.
Kip G., age 4

Chase the turkey with a net. Cut the feathers off and catch it. Cook in the oven for a short time.
Lydia J., age 4

Go get the turkey and cook him alive on the oven and make him super hot.
Reese P., age 5

Catch it with a net, put it in the frying pan, cook it, then eat it on Thanksgiving.
Benjamin R., age 5

Run over the turkey, take him home, throw his feathers away, and cook him on the stove.
Tripp C., age 4

Shoot the turkey with a gun, cut its feathers off, and cook it with a stove for 3 hours.
Daniel P., age 5

Catch it with an arrow. Cook it in the kitchen for 10 hours, or 30 hours, or 20 hours or 20.10 hours.
Sebastian D., age 5

Shoot it with a gun, kill it, put it in the oven and roast. Cook for 30 seconds and then eat it!
Masen R., age 5

Roll it, cook it, eat it… yummy!
Darren H., age 3

Jennifer Smith’s Kindergarten class, East Chester

Cooper Lowrance would use milk butter and chicken and put it in the microwave and it turns into a turkey.

Bekah Lowery would put some seasoning on the turkey and cook it on the grill and put some more types of spices on it.

Layne Seaton would shoot the turkey first and then get it home and cook it. After it’s done he would put butter on it and eat it.

Jake Millinder would put some gas on the turkey and light it on fire.

Reagan Ingold would stuff it first then use dad’s injector to put stuff in there and cook it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Alayna Simmons would shoot him if he is running from he and bring him in the house and put salt and pepper and hot sauce on it.

Knox Whitman would go buy a turkey and then put it in water and then he would take it to fellowship at church and poke it with a needle with seasoning and then cook it.

Colton Carroll said he doesn’t know anything about cooking turkeys.

Lily Liggett and Bella Carey would put a little hot sauce on it and then cook it and then put a little bit of sugar on it and then put ham all over it and then put ketchup on it and cook it for 5 to 15 minutes.

Nixon Diffee says he has no idea how to cook a turkey except to put it in the stove and cook it for 6 hours.

Amelia Bullman has pet turkeys and doesn’t want to cook or eat any turkeys.

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