Twenty-seven qualify for August elections in Chester County

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According to the Chester County Election Commission, 31 petitions for candidacy have been picked up in connection with upcoming local elections with 27 completing qualification requirements as of Tuesday afternoon. Of those, five have acquired petitions for the Tennessee State Primary with four having qualified. The deadline to qualify is Noon, today (Thursday).
The following have qualified for the City of Henderson General Election:
Donna Butler – Henderson Mayor; Robert W. “Bobby” King (incumbent) – Henderson Mayor; James “Mike” Alexander – Henderson Alderman; Dennis Clay Brown – Henderson Alderman; Sharon Cooper – Henderson Alderman; Todd Davis – Henderson Alderman; Tommy Davis – Henderson Alderman; Buel “Snookum” Maness (incumbent) – Henderson Alderman; Michael Phelps (incumbent) – Henderson Alderman; Jason Rhodes – Henderson Alderman.
Those qualifying for the Chester County General Election include the following:
Broderick Eugene Beecham – Property Assessor; Beverly Morton (incumbent) – Property Assessor; Irene Rinks – Property Assessor; Mark Griffin (incumbent) – School Board – District 1; Ben Cupples – School Board – District 3; Dwight Bingham (incumbent) – School Board – District 4; Todd Davis – School Board – District 5; Becky Hutcherson – School Board – District 5; Ronald Johnson (incumbent)- School Board – District 5.
The following have acquired petitions but have not yet qualified:
Darryl Thompson – Property Assessor; Amanda Hearn – School Board – District 3; and Jeff Harris – School Board – District 4.
Four have qualified with petitions for candidacy in the City of Enville-General Election. They include Melinda Johnston (incumbent) – Enville Mayor; Kay Ritter (incumbent) – Enville Alderman; Nick Weatherington (incumbent) – Enville Alderman and Shane Johnston (incumbent) – Enville Alderman.
In the Tennessee State Primary Election, those qualifying include Jai Templeton – Rep – State Senate – District 26;  Page Walley – Rep – Tennessee Senate – District 26; Civil Miller-Watkins – Dem – Tennessee Senate – Dist 26 and Kirk Haston (incumbent) – Rep – Tennessee Representative – District 72. Cody Maness has picked up a petition but not yet qualified for Rep – Tennessee Representative – District 72.
Early voting is scheduled for July 17 through August 1, with Election Day slated for August 6. 
Voter registration deadline is April 7. Registration is required to vote. Online registration is available and simple to complete at For those submitting an application locally, due to COVID-19 precautions, applications may be slid under the courthouse door. Following processing, voter registration cards will be issued by mail. Contact the Chester County Election Commission at 989-4039 for more assistance.

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