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Weird and random: Watch a movie about a killer tire

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By Kendall Patterson

One summer in high school, I was bored, so I started scrolling through Netflix and could not find something I wanted to watch.
Eventually, I gave up and just ended up watching this movie called “Rubber.”
It’s a movie about a killer tire named Robert. Yes, like a car tire.
I know most people are probably thinking “Oh, Lord” or “I don’t believe you,” but this is a real movie.
The policeman in charge breaks the fourth wall and talks to the viewers explaining how all good movies have some parts of them that have no reason.
“All great films, without exception, contain an important element of no reason… Because life itself is filled with no reason,” he says.
So Robert rolls along blowing up things including an innocent rabbit and more, so the cops have to figure out a plan to kill it.
It has psychokinetic powers, and when it starts shaking it faces its target and… Boom! The targett explodes into pieces.
Meanwhile, the tire also stalks a woman throughout the movie.
Oh, and did I mention people are watching the movie as it takes place in a third-person manner. They don’t watch it on the television though. They are watching the movie take place in the same setting that it occurs; they are just off in the distance watching it with binoculars.
So, at times, you are watching a movie, that has others watching the movie about a killer tire.
Now that’s a true piece-of-work.
Then, for those who have not given up yet on this story, the ending is the true kicker of the whole movie. It gets worse.
The tire reincarnates into a tricycle and now has a mob of live tires following it.
Look it up. I encourage you to watch it when you are bored. I know no one probably will, but at least watch the trailer.
Take note this movie is rated R for language, nudity and violent images.

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