What NFL?

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By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

A lot of hoopla and trauma has overtaken the National Football League. It is to the point that the only thing that I can compare it to is the old pro wrestling matches that used to air on weekend television.
I know an old gent (gone for many years) who would literally lay on the floor and reenact the wrestling moves right along with the combatants. The productions were mostly for show and had their following. Many knew the blows delivered were fake.
The NFL is at that point. The performances are no longer about bettering the game but about who can draw the most attention to themselves and make a political statement in front of a television audience. It’s the “look at me” generation and what a turn off it has become.
It will be interesting to review the television ratings of this NFL season along with fan in-person attendance. I suspect both will be way down.
I am not going to say in this column that some of the statements don’t make sense. Many do. But an NFL football game is not the stage in my opinion.
I haven’t turned our television on a single time this football season to watch an NFL game, not even Monday when the Titans debuted.
It was bad enough last year but has now escalated to the point that this die-hard NFL Titan fan no longer has a desire to watch a game. Any game. My time is better spent reading or planning for the next issue of the newspaper.
Everyone has an opinion. Many may not agree with my opinion (and that is all it is, my opinion), but it is apparently an opinion shared by millions that franchises depend on to pay the millions of dollars in salaries for the players, coaches, managers and support staff. Oh, and don’t forget the cheerleaders. They don’t work for free.
I guess it is the fact that there is so much hatred today that has turned me off.
I have a choice. You have read mine. Your choice is yours.
Enjoy. And read more newspapers. Life is better with a newspaper.

Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent

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