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By David Coy

It is easy to understand when good comes our way; it is not so easy to understand calamity, distress, or adversity. When good does come, we understand it produces, promotes and protects life. When trials, tribulations or sorrow comes our way, we may not understand the reason or purpose behind its arrival. We know that when evil comes it brings calamity or disaster, produces pain and often brings death. But, not all loss is the result of evil. Sometimes it is the natural result of life. I remember my mother-in-law and her death. It came as a total surprise. She had just had her annual physical check-up and was given a positive report that all was well. She taught her Wednesday evening Bible study, came home and assisted her daughter in cutting out laminated teaching supplies and went to sleep her normally. She just never woke up Thursday morning. When she was discovered by her daughter Thursday afternoon there was no sign of distress.
During our new experiences with the current health risk, we are forced to change our routine. For many this meant financial ruin. For others it has produced sorrow of a different kind. It is encouraging that so many have reached out to others with support, assistance and prayers. We cannot always know the reasons why some things happen or the purpose behind when sorrow comes our way. I can say with certainty that with every adversity and heartache there is an opportunity to learn something or be blessed in some way. Through it all we have the potential of becoming stronger, wiser and more humble, realizing that some things are beyond our control and the value of being flexible. Keep hope and faith alive.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,

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