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Chester County receives satisfactory on report card

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TDOE releases 2021-22 Report Card

The Tennessee Department of Education?released?the?2021-22?State Report Card, at http://reportcard.tnedu.gov/,?an online tool designed for parents, families and education stakeholders to understand how Tennessee’s districts and schools are serving students.
This year’s State Report Card,?as in previous years,?contains?general information and state-, district-, and school-level data including enrollment,?finance, and staffing. In addition, the State Report Card includes the following performance indicators—academic achievement, growth (district and school level only), chronically out of school, and progress on English language proficiency,?Ready Graduate, and graduation rate.
The Chester County School District, with an enrollment of 2,660 students, received an overall designation of satisfactory
According to the state website, possible scores include exemplary, advancing, satisfactory, marginal and in need of improvement. Each designation, or score, is based on multiple factors for all students and various groups of students.
District performance indicator scores for Chester County for achievement are as follows

  • Grades 3-5: 2.4 out of 4
  • Grades 6-8: 1.5 out of 4
  • Grades 9-12: 1.0 out of 4
    The achievement score is assessed based on the percent of students who met or exceeded grade-level expectations (i.e., success rate) on state math and ELA assessments. At each school, all students as well as each of the historically underserved student groups (i.e., Black/Hispanic/Native American, Economically disadvantaged, English learners, students with disabilities) received a score, ranging from 0 to 4, on this indicator, and the scores across student groups are used to create the Achievement score. All Students group has 60% weight, and the average of the historically underserved student groups has 40% weight.
    The Chronically Out of School indicator is measured by the rate of chronic absenteeism, which is defined as the percent of students who missed at least 10% of the instructional days that they were enrolled for during the school year. The district score for the Chronically Out of School was .5 out of 4.
    The Graduation rate represents the percentage of students who earned a regular high school diploma or an alternate academic diploma in four years plus a summer. The Chester County School District earned a graduation rate of 3.0 out of 4.
    No data was available for the district English language proficiency assessment EPLA.
    Chester County High School’s scores are as follows, out of a possible total of four: Achievement 1.8; Growth .4; Chronically out of school 2.1; Graduation rate 2.6; Ready graduate 3.6. CCHS enrollment is 785 students.
    Scores for Chester County Junior High School, enrollment 593, are as follows, out of a possible total of four: Achievement 2.6; Growth .1; Chronically out of school 1.9.
    Chester County Middle School, enrollment 388, received the following scores, out of a possible total of four: Achievement 3.6; Growth 1.5: Chronically out of school .1.
    East Chester Elementary School, with an enrollment of 486 students, received the following scores, out of a possible four: Achievement 3.6; Growth 3.2; Chronically out of school 1.0.
    No scores were available for Jacks Creek Elementary School, enrollment 134, and West Chester Elementary.
    The Chester County School System employees 190 teachers, which is a 14-to-one student to teacher ratio. According to the report card, teacher retention is 95.1% locally, and 92.1% statewide.
    Per-pupil expenditures are $9,947.12 locally and $10,581.05 statewide.
    According to Dr. Steven Marise, who provided a video presentation overview of the results at the recent school board meeting, the report card shows areas within the district which may be applauded, and some which need improvement. “Covid has continued to plague us with chronic absenteeism,” he said. However, he also pointed out one area of acclaim is the area of graduation…93.3% compared to the state’s 87%. “So overall,” Marise said, “some areas of success and some areas that we see that we can focus on for improvement.”

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