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Chester County School board renews superintendent contract

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By Holly Roeder
Staff Writer

The Chester County board of education met Thursday, Dec. 15 at Chester County Junior High. All board members were in attendance.
Items of business for the evening included unanimous approval of the renewal of the superintendent’s contract for 2023-2027, continuing with the current salary and benefits, and unanimous approval of the 2022-2024 school calendar.
In delegations, Rachea Burton approached the board concerning the current cell phone policy, which states the office will hold a student’s cell phone for a number of days if that student has violated the cell phone policy. Burton stated she understands and agrees the student should not be allowed to have the phone on school property for a period of time after such infringement, but requested the board reconsider allowing parents to pick cell phones up from the office, given that in many cases the cell phone may be the only means of contact for a parent outside school hours or for traveling parents. Board member Shane Connor stated the board will note this particular policy as they reevaluate a number of policies for the upcoming school year.
The evening’s spotlight/celebration was a video presentation by CCJHS students, showing a day in the life of a CCJHS student.
Dr. Steven Marise gave a brief explanation of the state report card by video presentation. For more information see the separate story on page 1-A of this edition and/or go to https://tdepublicschools.ondemand.sas.com/district/00120
Supt. Troy Kilzer shared that East Chester has again been named a reward school.
Clay Rogers and Ben Cupples gave a report on capital projects, stating there is a focus on the growth of CTE and the football program. Additionally, progress is moving ahead for Jacks Creek Elementary with the HVAC unit installed and working, and modular components assembled.
The next meeting will be Jan. 19, 2023, at Chester County Middle School.

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