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City issues Cert. of Compliance for liquor store

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The Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen met last week for their October meeting with all aldermen except Alderman Michael Phelps present.
The board had a delegation at the beginning of their meeting concerning putting a cap on the number of packaged liquor stores within the city.
Samantha and Robert Allen of Oden’s Liquor approached them saying, “I’m here to see about getting a cap now that we are getting a second liquor store. We’re a small town… With each additional liquor, each business declines, because there is just not enough to go around… It hurts everybody when you get too many. We don’t want just one. That’s fine. There has to be competition. It’s healthy, but there needs to be a limit.”
Mayor King, in response to their concern, said that he and the aldermen will research what towns similar to the size of Henderson are doing.
“Let us research it this month and give you some other towns and give you a list of towns our size. Then we will get with them and see if they have recommendations,” he said.
In regard to the application for this new liquor store that was submitted by Muthana Qattoum, Building and Zoning Official Brent Beshires said that Qattoum met all of the city’s regulations and made the necessary alterations to the building to meet the window requirements. Additionally, Chief Gary Davidson said that the individual did not have any criminal history that should prevent the city from issuing him the certificate of compliance.
This does not give him a permit. He still has work to do with Alcoholic Beverage Control and at the state level before he can get a packaged store permit from them.
The aldermen voted with all in favor to issue him the certificate of compliance.
In other items on the agenda, the board approved, with all in favor, the low bid from NSITE of Milan for the Henderson Multimodal project for the sidewalks from the fire department on Main Street to the 45 and Main intersection and for crosswalks crossing 45.
Additionally, they awarded the bid for the Rebecca Drive water line to R. Jones Underground.

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