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  • Coming Together and Reaching Out: Quality Metal Stamping donates to the American Cancer Society

Coming Together and Reaching Out: Quality Metal Stamping donates to the American Cancer Society

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Earlier this summer, Chester County hosted its annual Relay for Life. It was an evening filled with good food and lots of love. One of the companies present, Quality Metal Stamping, made a huge splash this year with their Hawaiian themed booth. They served up fresh grilled steak and chicken along with all the desserts you could hope to eat. All the money raised from the QMS booth was then donated to the American Cancer Society. This company takes great pride in their family atmosphere in the workplace, and it definitely shows through their community involvement. There were a few QMS teammates that were asked what community means to the company, and here is what they had to say:

“As an employee of Quality Metal Stamping, I feel it is important for the company to be a part of charitable organizations within the community. There has been and will be lives touched by cancer and other tragedies in our company and community. All the efforts of management and employees at QMS has made a difference,” Pat Montgomery.

“It’s great working with a company such as Quality Metal Stamping. It’s like a family here,” said Darlene Wallace.

“It’s just a warm feeling inside to know someone is there when you need them the most. And it’s great when you work for a company that cares and comes together to reach out and help in many ways,” said Janice Weaver.

“Quality Metal Stamping is committed to helping Relay for Life, along with other community programs. This is all done due to good management and great friends. This makes QMS a great place to work,” said Carol Whitman.

“Our work family at Quality Metal Stamping helps each other through life’s challenges. Our relationship with our work family inspires us to reach out in the community to help others that face similar challenges,” said Cassandra Murchison.

“Giving back to the community and families that have made Quality Metal Stamping the success this it is today, put simply, is what we love to do,” said Andy Deakins.

Once you see the work Quality Metal Stamping does in the community, then it becomes obvious that family is deeply rooted into their culture. QMS also helps out with the Christmas Toy Program at Carl Perkins Center, along with many other community involvement projects. This is a company that places others before themselves, and takes care of its team members along with the community around them. They are a world class establishment that is worth getting to know.

You can have the chance to meet the QMS team at this year’s BBQ Festival. The company will have a booth setup Friday night and all-day Saturday. If you get the opportunity, take some time and meet the quality people of Quality Metal Stamping.


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