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Hello from Enville! Fall will arrive on Saturday, Sept. 23, and I for one will welcome it. I love the colors of fall – the orange, brown, red and yellow – the decorations, the changing of the leaves (I think the bright yellow leaves are my favorite), the cooler temperatures, and, of course, the pumpkin rolls! I will begin decorating soon. I do not start too early because we have our family Thanksgiving at our house each year, so by that time, I am ready to take it down, put it away and make room for Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a blessed week; it is so nice to sit outside in the mornings and drink our coffee. It is too quiet because most of our hummers are gone. Only a couple remain who are guarding the feeders and will not let any others drink, so I guess they leave! We will miss them but look forward to next year! Our yard mowing is slowing down although ours at home and at the river needs it now; maybe we can get them done this week. The forecast has rain in it for next week. I think things are getting kind of dry, so maybe a few showers would be good.
Our granddaughter, Reece Collins’, Junior High softball season is over, but she is playing travel ball now. She will also begin basketball practice this week with those games to start in October. She is a busy girl! We are enjoying the football season. Our grandson, Blake Thompson, plays. We had a guest with us last Friday night. Annie Massengill was there cheering him on; she has not attended a football game in many, many years. We all enjoyed the homecoming game and our win!
Enville sends out Happy Birthday wishes to my brother, Tim Harris on Sept. 22, Araea Bishop on Sept. 24, Julie Smith and Jo McMahan Maness on Sept. 25, Lisa Finley on Sept. 26 and Nicholas Maness on Sept. 28. We hope you all enjoy your special day!
Please pray for the family of Max Pickett. Also, pray for the families involved in the accident on Saturday in Lexington. Continue prayers for Lisa Bishop, Robert and Linda Johnson, Mary Lee Guyon, Agnes and Robert Smith, Tera O’Neal, Janice and Danny Keen, Harold and Janice Maness, Nicole Thompson, Amanda Johnson, Emily Freeman, Ashley Pugh, Ann Pugh, Shirley Hampton, Della Mixon, Loretta Plunk, Sherry Webb, Anita Needler, Vicki Dickson, Jean Pickett, James Vinson, Jimmy Robertson, Rick Ooley, Mike Pugh, Tim Harris, Tim and Tabitha Hampton, Mike Finley, Lee Trice, all who are battling illnesses, our firefighters, first responders, law enforcement, healthcare workers, military, schools and school board, our county and country and, as always, each other.
To rent the community center, call Pat Cates at 688-5125, or if you want to add someone to the prayer list or have news, call me at 608-3058.
If you are looking for a church to attend, the Enville Methodist, Enville Baptist or Enville Church of Christ would love to welcome you and your family.
Have a blessed week everyone!

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