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Letter to the editor: Time to open God’s Doors

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By: Imogene Taylor

Dear Editor,
We all understand the safety of people is at hand. Yes, we all have been able to listen to our pastors preach online, and we are thankful, but it is time for God’s doors to open. We need fellowship with one another. We can still practice social distancing in church, as families sit together. For those who do not feel that they can come to church at this time because of their health, we all understand. Our prayers will be with you.
God is good all the time. We have songs of praise that cause our hearts to be joyful when we sing them. I thought of some songs that might cause you to rejoice just by thinking the words. Their meaning sure helps me during these days: “How Great Thou Art,” “God Bless America,” “Praise to the Lord Almighty,” “God Is So Good,” “He Is Able to Deliver Thee,” “God Will Take Care of You,” “I Will Not Be Afraid,” “There Is Power in the Blood (Jesus),” “The Great Physician,” “Sweet Sweet Spirit,” “Just as I Am,” “Only Trust Him,” “Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine,” “The Bond of Love,” “Victory in Jesus,” “Lord’s Prayer,” “America the Beautiful,” and “My Country Tis of Thee.”
All these songs have so much of God’s love for us. Pray for all. God will take care of us in his time. He sure has brought me and others down on our knees. He is in control.
Imogene Naylor

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