Love Nerds

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Patterson’s Poetry

by Kendall Patterson

I fell for a nerd
He was a comic book nerd
That’s what he was
One who liked cosplay
And believed he will have powers one day

Then after a couple years
I realized
He was a superhero after all
He flew and swept me off my feet like Superman
And saved me from undeserving men

I fell for a nerd
A know-it-all
That’s what she was
One who could win Jeopardy
And name the presidents in order A to Z

Then after a couple years
I realized
She was a true know-it-all after all
She knew my heart and knew my soul
And taught me how to love more than I would ever know

We’re now two nerds in love
Two love nerds that’s what we are
A couple who knows what true love is
Love you know at first sight
And a love that is the greatest power in any fight

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