News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Erica Parten

East Chester’s Patriotic program was on Feb. 26. It was live-streamed so parents could watch. This week, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss and “Read Across America” week. We will have dress-up days to help us celebrate. Monday…Mustache Monday – The Lorax; Tuesday…Wear Green – Green Eggs and Ham; Wednesday…Wear a College/Team Shirt – Oh the Places You’ll Go; Thursday…Wear an Animal Print Shirt/Shirt with Animal on it – On Beyond Zebra; and Friday…Hat Day – Cat in the Hat
Pre-K is studying animal habitats this week in Mrs. Leslie’s room. They have ordered and are waiting for their caterpillar to butterfly kits to come in. They are excited to watch them grow so one day they can release them on our playground. Mrs. Amy’s Pre-K class is learning about fairy tales this week. They are retelling fairy tales with details. They are participating in a variety of teacher guided dramatic play performances. The children are creating different endings to the fairy tales. They are also participating in several STEM activities such as creating a new bed for Goldilocks, creating a vehicle that Little Red Riding Hood can ride to get to Grandma’s house, and building a bridge for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They are having so much fun!
Kindergarten had a busy week! The students are studying about money and how to recognize coins and their values in math. They have also studied about several presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They wrote great informational pieces about these presidents. They are also working on reading and writing words with “sneaky e” in reading. They are reading and writing more independently!
East Chester first graders are hard at work! First grade has been celebrating 120 days of school this week by writing 120 words, 120 penny flips, coloring by number to 120, $120 and what they would look like being 120. They are also learning to write informational paragraphs, to spell irregular words, and to spell words using phonetic rules. First grade students are learning about the great state of Tennessee and our wonderful United States! They are exploring how to make maps, identify state and national symbols, and what people do to make their livings. First graders are working to add two-digit numbers, identify place value, and read pictographs. First graders work every day to become more fluent, independent readers. It is a great time to be a first grade student at East Chester Elementary!
In second grade, they are learning about adjectives and how they can add to our writing. Mrs. Becky’s practicum student had them draw monsters. Then they wrote paragraphs describing their monsters. They used adjectives to tell how many and what kind of details their monsters had. They are also seeing how authors use adjectives in their writing to describe characters, settings and events. In math, they are finishing up subtracting with 3-digit numbers.
Third grade is finishing up a unit on Colonial America. Several of our third grade students participated in a program about Tennessee. They did four shows, so the entire student body could see the program. The kids did a great job teaching us all about our great state of Tennessee.

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