News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Annette Conner

This past week, the students at East Chester Elementary worked hard on the iReady Reading Benchmark and are continuing with the math benchmark this week. We all are excited to report that many teachers saw gains for one hundred percent of their class. 
Our counselor Missy Fraser kicked off the school-wide kindness campaign, “I’m Yeti to be kind.” The winner for the week was Bryson Gooden from Mrs. Erica Parten’s kindergarten class.
East Chester’s Librarian Mrs. Melinda Carroll reported that Cael Markum from Ms. Diane Johnson’s third grade class has read 1,068,601 words so far this school year. Way to go, Cael! 
Third grade learned about space, and they discovered the secret of Pluto. They read and wrote about the characteristics of animals and how scientists classify them. In addition, they worked on multiplication strategies for finding area. For Language Arts, they continued with identifying parts of speech within sentences. 
Second grade learned all about nature cycles for plants, trees and water. In addition, the Tennessee Unit plans for science gave a more in-depth study of mammals and their life cycles. Math studies included adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, and the students look forward to three-digit numbers. Language Arts included studying antonyms, synonyms and nouns -singular, plural, common and proper. The students also wrote persuasive letters to Santa telling why they would make a good elf.
First grade continued their unit about the moon for Whole Group Reading and also began learning about the government for science. Students wrote about moon facts and made campaign posters for mock elections. For math, they learned about comparing two-digit numbers and interpreting graphs. First grade will begin literature week by incorporating a variety of fun activities for “The Polar Express.” The students will rotate to each first grade teacher’s class for graphing, vocabulary, decoding and story retell, creative writing and comparing and contrasting with a glyph. 
Kindergarten studied about colonial towns and the jobs of the townspeople. For math, they added and subtracted word problems within ten, and they anxiously anticipate learning about Christmas around the world. 
All students and teachers are gearing up for Christmas literature week at East Chester. All grades will be having special stories and activities for students to support this literature. Additionally, all students have been practicing songs with our Fine Arts teacher Mrs. Becky for the upcoming Christmas program at 6 p.m. Dec. 19. The annual meal will precede the program at 4:30 p.m. We hope to see everyone there!

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