News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Ashley Fletcher

In kindergarten they will be reviewing all the letters of the alphabet and will begin practicing blending them to read words. They will be discussing story elements like characters, setting, plot, etc. In math they will review numbers zero-nine and introduce story (word) problems. In social studies they are learning about Native Americans/Pilgrims. In writing they are still working on the correct way to write a sentence. Keep up the hard work kindergarteners! 
In first grade they have been learning about Pilgrims and Wompanoag, so their writing this week is focused on that. They are comparing their life today with the life of the Pilgrim children. In reading they will be finishing their book “Fables.” They have been learning about common vs. proper nouns and past- and present- tense verbs! In their knowledge portion of reading, they will begin a study on Astronomy. It is an exciting time because they will build on the knowledge they built at the beginning of the year with their space study. In math they will spend the week reviewing the skills already taught. Way to go, first grade! 
In second grade they will be looking at long vowel spellings and other vowel combinations. They will be reading more from their “Kids Excel” reader. In math they will begin subtracting two digits within 100. Their focus this week will be on subtracting using place value blocks and a number line. They will be working on their unit “Westward Expansion.” They will be reading about the Trail of Tears. In social studies they are going to be working on their unit about the government. They will be focusing on being a citizen and what their job is as a citizen. In writing they will be working on writing an informational paragraph on the hardships the Native Americans faced! Sounds like a lot of great learning happening! 
In third grade they are reading “Classifying Living Things.” They will be learning about text features and how to determine the meaning of words which have prefixes “re” and “pre” added to root words! In math they will begin their study of understanding multiplication and division of whole numbers. They will be learning about arrays and properties. They will also be working on division; “how many in each group?” Way to go, third graders! 
Here are some important dates to remember:
Nov. 21-25: Thanksgiving Break
We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

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