News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Ashley Fletcher

In kindergarten in writing, they are working on ending punctuation. In math they will focus on the number 15 and breaking teens into a 10 and some ones. In social studies they will study our great state of Tennessee and the state animal, flower, etc. 
In first grade they are still reading stories from “The Green Fern Zoo.” They have discussed mandrills, chimps, things that swim, things with wings and termites. They are learning about contractions, compound words and two-syllable words. During their knowledge time, they are reading about different habitats. They are also talking about how certain plants and animals are able to adapt to live in their habitats. They are having a really fun time! In math they are continuing to work on subtracting groups of ten from a two-digit number. They will begin working on graphing soon.
In second grade they will be learning about proper nouns and sentence structure. They will be reading texts and answering questions using complete sentences. In math they are adding 3 two-digit numbers and 4 two-digit numbers. They will start doing this without regrouping and then add regrouping to the mix. In their knowledge portion of reading, the war has begun, and they are getting into the battle plan as well as battles that took place during the War of 1812. They will be seeing how The Star Spangled Banner is linked to the War of 1812. Wow! How fun!
In third grade in reading, they will complete the skills that relate to our text “Amphibians.” They will also be reading “Tree Frogs.” In math they will connect area to multiplication and addition. They will write Multiplication and Division Math Stories, Area of Squares and Rectangles, Apply Properties: Area and the Distributive Property, Apply Properties: Area and the Distributive Property, and Area: Nonstandard Units. 
Important February dates:
Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day celebrations
Feb. 16 – Regular School Day/PTC 5-8
Feb. 17, 20 – No School (Presidents’ Day)
Feb. 21 – Patriotic Program 6:30 p.m. in Williams Auditorium

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