News from the Deanburg Community of Chester County

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I hope everyone is doing well, especially with the COVID-19 running rampant. I guess by now everyone knows my test came back negative, but it was 10 days getting it back. The flu test was negative, and it is hard to believe that my COVID-19 test was negative. I had all the symptoms and was very sick. I never have the flu, so I was sure it was the virus.
I did not get my news in last week because I was staying with Woodie. He had a really bad fall on Sunday afternoon, one of many, and had to be taken to the hospital. Orban and I both were with him all week. We did not leave him alone.
Please continue to pray for our neighbors and friends in our community and others: Kristen Carlton Jones, Tim Landers, Brianna Landers, Gary Hyatt, Carolyn Brasfield, Jim Ruth, Eloise Murley, Samantha Mosier, Woodie Deming, Betty Quarles, Ms. June Davis, Johnny Roach and his son Johnny, Jr. and my cousin Barbara Sue Mitchell. Please pray for our community as well as others. Pray for our law enforcement and first responders, our medical personnel and anyone that has to work with people during this crisis. Galatians 6:2 – “Carry each other’s burdens and in this way will fulfill the law of Christ.”
Our sincere condolences to Mike Mays’ family – his wife Dixie, their sons, his sisters and other family. Mike passed away the week before last, and it is sad that we can not have a funeral during this virus scare. The family told me that they will have a memorial as soon as they can.
Besides that, if you go to the hospital, you can not have your family with you, but this is a really dangerous virus, and we just can not take chances. Please take all of the precautions they are recommending.
Our devotion: “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” (NLT) Psalm 90:12
Life is short. We are wise to realize that we have a limited number of days here on this Earth. The great news is that Jesus came to us so we could be free and live lives on Earth and reflect Heaven. Pray that God would set you free of burdens that are stealing the joy from your days.
A little humor: Where did Noah keep the bees on the ark? Ark-hives.
Please stay in unless it is absolutely necessary; wash your hands a lot; try not to be around people, but if you have to, stay as far away as possible. I do not know about y’all, but I miss my hugs and church services! I know a lot of churches are having services online at least the pastors are delivering there sermons, and I really appreciate Bro. David Tull, our pastor, and our music couple, Melanie and Richard Mann, for the music from home. I never would have believed we would shut the doors to our church. Just thankful it is not for good and was not caused by another reason.
All we can do is pray, and I know you are all doing that. God bless each and every one of you during this scary time.
Take care of you and your family.

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