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with Gloria Holiday

Hello to my family and friends.
For this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! This is a new month and a new week, another week for new beginnings, new thoughts and a chance to do things better.
Well, spring is coming, and so is daylight savings time. We have one more week to enjoy before we spring forward. Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 14.
March 2 was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Read Across America Day. The National Education Association sponsors this event to inspire reading in children throughout our schools and communities. So many children enjoy the stories, such as “Green Eggs and Ham” and other books from Dr. Seuss. By reading these books, our children have learned the meaning of sharing, caring, colors and counting, and in some cases he taught us that life will not always be fair. The children at Head Start will experience eating green eggs and ham after reading the book by Dr. Seuss, “Green Eggs and Ham”. I wonder how many of the children will like Sam I Am’s green eggs and ham!
February was our Black History Month. Dr. Jerry Woods, thank you for the article on Respecting Your Elder! I really enjoyed reading it. I went down memory lane. I can remember my parents and grandparents using some of the same folk sayings. Does anyone remember this one: “You are smelling yourself”? If you do, text me. Yes, we do not usually use the quotes like they used to back in the day; however, I thank God my parent did, and I still use them sometimes on my grandchildren. Dr. Woods, the City of Henderson appreciate you and thank you for enlighten everyone for the month of February celebrating Black History Month. We all need more culture awareness in our communities.
The month of March has arrived, and what does it bring? Read Across America, Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month, American Red Cross Month and Fire Prevention Month. Did you know the roots of National Women’s History Month goes back to March 8, 1857 when women from various New York City factories staged a protest over working conditions? The first Women’s Day Celebration in the United States was also in New York City in 1909, but Congress did not establish National Women’s History Week until 1981 to be commemorated annually the second week of March. In 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month. Every year since, Congress has passed a resolution for Women’s History Month, and the president has issued a proclamation.
“During the mid-19th century, women in many countries started to organize movements to fight for their rights to vote and run for office. They became known as suffragists or suffragettes. In 1904, the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance was formed by Millicent Fawcett and Carrie Chapman Catt, along with other leading women’s rights activists. In the United States, the suffrage movement was led by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who organized the first women’s rights convention, known as the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. Frederick Douglass, a former slave and abolitionist, attended the convention. Susan B. Anthony also met the two at the World Anti-Slavery Convention held in England in 1850. Today, at least 17 percent of U.S. Congressional and Senate seats are occupied by women. In the field of sports, women were only allowed to join the Winter Olympic Games in 1924 for the figure skating event.
By 1966, Roberta Gibb became the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon. American novelist Edith Wharton became the first woman recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1921. In years before, accomplished authors including Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Mary Ann Evans and Louisa May Alcott all used male pen names to avoid discrimination. The public philosopher and suffragist Jane Addams was the first woman laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize.” This information is from I just wanted to share that with you.
This week we have several birthdays, let us start with my baby brother Dennis Brown on March 2. We also have our Chester County Trustee Lance Beshires on March 6. Matilda Massengill isEvery dollar raised at Dinner & Auction stays in Chester County. Your contribution will help us prevent child abuse in your hometown … it may even help in the life of someone you know.If you have any questions or to reserve a table, call the Center at 989-7222. one of the best community helpers in Lucyville, and her birthday is on March 7. We are planning to “Laissez les Bons Temp Rouler”, or Let the Good Times Roll, at this year’s Mardi Gras celebration. Get out your beads and don your favorite festival wear as we celebrate New Orleans style. Best dressed winners will be announced in the following categories: Best Festival Wear; Most Colorful; Best Use of Beads; and Best Overall Table (award goes to all 8 at the table).Our live and silent auctions are sure to entice you to pull out your wallet and do some bidding. From sports memorabilia to furniture to vacations and more, we’ll offer something for everyone.Every dollar raised at Dinner & Auction stays in Chester County. Your contribution will help us prevent child abuse in your hometown … it may even help in the life of someone you know.If you have any questions or to reserve a table, call the Center at 989-7222. I can also be reached at or you can personally message me on here. Thank you Chester County for your continuous support! Chastity Reeves celebrates her birthday on March 8. To all of you who work so hard here in our City of Henderson, we would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and may the Lord bless you with many more. Just to let you know, since your birthday is in March, your Birthstone is aquamarine and bloodstone. The March flower is the daffodil.
Remember to pray for our community, children, teachers and families. On the prayer list this week is our families, Minister Paul Robinson and Mayriene Moten.
If you live in the City of Henderson and have news about your families, birthdays, anniversaries, announcements or things happening in the City, I need to hear from you. Call me at 989-1907 and leave your message, or you may text me at 608-6132.

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