News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Nothing is forever. Embracing death will help you become greater and happier as you recall memories helped formed by this loved one.”

Sympathy to four families – Betty Ann Humphreys Owens (6-25-33 to 1-28-20) – Maggie Jones; Trent Smith Rhodes (9-1-54 to 1-28-20) from Class of 1972, beloved son of Lois Rhodes, father of Norman and Kelly and brother of Teresa – City; Keightan Crawford (12-24-89 to 1-31-20); and Leonard Allan Lutz (4-1-33 to 1-31-20) – Old Estes.
Continued prayers requested for Doris and Andy Maness; Regina East; Eliza Harris; Karen Malone; Mike Tignor; and Jessie Hudson.
Happy Birthday to three of the greatest – Abe Lincoln (2-12-1809); Andy Maness (2-12-1930); and George Washington (2-22-1732).
Also, Jimmy Grissom and Judy Ruth turn a year wiser on Feb. 8. Two of my classmates have birthdays this week. Linda Lott Boothe turns 69 in heaven, and Billy Dickson turns 69 on Feb. 16 on Roby Road. Mamie Essary is 91 in heaven on Feb. 3; Junior and Shirley Bailey celebrate their Feb. 9, 1952 anniversary in heaven.
Happy Birthday to two elephants living in Tennessee. (1) “Minnie,” age 52 on Jan. 26 – retired 2006 (sad life from 1983-2006). “Minnie is sassy, independent, and a wild soul. She ventures up hills and into creeks, rain or shine. She also often chooses to spend time outside the barn at night, exploring the expanses of her habitat.” – Brandi, Lead Caregiver at Q Barn; and (2) “Sissy,” age 54 on Jan. 31 – retired 2000 (sad life from birth – 2006); “Sissy shows such perseverance and bravery each day. You can see her face change as she sets her sights on something she wants and decides to conquer it. She also seems to find joy in the little things, like waking up from a nap and reuniting with Shirley (my adopted daughter) and Tarra or coming back to the barn after spending some time outside.” – Kaitlin, Lead Caregiver at Asia Barn. I just ordered their 2020 calendar showing all 12 Tennessee elephants.
The last rhino “Sudan” died at age 45 in 2018. “Poaching isn’t slowing down. We are witnessing extinction, right now, on our watch.” – National Geographic Photographer Ami Vitale.
There are only 7,500 wild elephants left in India. Farmers poison, put electric fences near water or conceal explosives in food treats. Eighty-five percent of elephants were killed by humans. “A country is judged by the way they treat their animals.”
Take action today for Megu the elephant, who has been exploited in cruel, archaic circus acts. Animal exhibitor Brian Franzen was filmed striking an elephant named Megu in the jaw with a bullhook. He also failed to notice that she had an abnormal gait and cracking joints. Now, Loomis Bros. Circus is slated to take its cruel animal act on the road throughout Alabama. Join me in sending a letter “Against Wild Animal Acts” to Governor Kay Ivey, State Capitol, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36130. Perhaps she will use her power to help Megu and others. Thanks for being a voice for Megu.
Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nev., promotes “Trophy Hunting” this week. The Beach Boys touring group licensed by Mike Love are headlining. Brain and Al Wilson can not stop the show but want you to join them in signing the petition at They need 75,000 signatures. 870 companies will be selling wildlife body parts, animals heads, etc. Also, 20,000 animals will be shot by American hunters. A well-known politician’s son was seen holding a trophy, an elephant tail. Is this normal? What thrill is it? No way would any animal body parts be displayed on my walls – a picture of Don, family and pets makes me happy – they are my trophies! I am writing Governor Steve Sisolak, State Capitol Bldg., 101 North Carson City, NV 89701 (phone – 775-684-5670). Someone has to be a voice. I will always help animals, elderly and kids.
WBBJ-TV News Monday night said there were a million feral animals in Madison County. The only solution is to spay or neuter. Shame on you for not doing this for your pets. Leave off cokes, beer, cigarettes, junk food and be responsible toward animals. Our country and your neighbors judge you by your treatment of animals. God is watching us.
Hurray for England! Jan. 20, 2020 – wild animal circus ban takes effect – proved after 25 years animals suffer mentally and socially.
Tidbits: 2-3-1968 – USA installed 911 emergency call number; and 2-4-2004 – Facebook was launched.

2020 VISION – “Accept what is – Let go of what was – and Have Faith”

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