News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“There are no tears in heaven, nor grief of any kind. I leave this farewell teardrop to those I’ve left behind. Though absent from the body I’m present with the Lord, the joy of my salvation is now my full reward.”

Sympathy is expressed to three families – Ashton Jake Flatt (11-5-04 to 4-11-21) – attended Chester County High School and lived near Beech Bluff – Memory Gardens; Randy Alan Miller (3-13-58 to 4-17-21) from CCHS Class of 1976, beloved son of Dorothy Maness Miller and the late L.T. Miller – private burial at Clarks Creek. Also, Harold Francis Robbins (9-13-36 to 4-13-21), born in Crocket County. After school he joined the U.S. Army, 3rd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery serving in Germany. He returned home to marry a Chester County lady, Linda Gail (8-3-42/2-1-21) who was sister of two Chester County men, Danny Rogers (1-4-46/2-23-12) and Jerry born in Mifflin to James Otis Rogers (1915/1962) and Ida Ethel Brittain Rogers (8-12-1918/1-23-2013). Harold worked at Clyde Medlin Grocery, Kellywood Factory and retired at Picksweet. They had two sons, David (Dana) and Dennis (Windy) and two grandkids, Ashlinn and Kayla during their 56 year marriage. Harold died two months after his wife from COVID-19 complications. Public graveside service April 17 at Alamo City Cemetery.
Continued prayers for Shane Martin, Mike Tignor, Wade Bailey and Kristen Daniel. Loving support for improved health sent to Janis McCall; Bill Wadley recovering from Middlefork tornado displacement; Lavern and Shirley Bailey; Melbern Jones; Ralph Mays; Inez Cash; Jack and Tara O’Neal; Janice and Tommy Patterson; Regina East; Mrs. Jack Fitts; Ruby and Charles Malone; Geralene Thompson; Brenda Hannah; G.W. and Nancy Rush; Mike Tignor; Sherrill Ryals; Andy and Doris Maness; Buddy and Alice Maness Stovall; Johnny Hayes; and Teressa Plunk is mending.
Relaxation is good. Don and I enjoy American Idol singing contestants. We have our fine-hearing pulling for Willie Spence, 21, from California and Hunter Metts, 22, from Franklin. We were disappointed to see Ava August from Columbia leave.
Looking forward to hearing Cheyenne Williams and Cody Rushing say “I do.” Get that “Honey-Do” jar out soon – just after the honeymoon!
Could this happen in American again? The sign from the Depression (1929-1933) read.“I know 3 trades; I speak 3 languages; fought for 3 years in the war; have 3 kids; and no work for 3 months; but I only want ONE JOB! Has America had it made too good too long? Will we know hunger in America? Will we see window signs “Help wanted” disappear? Will people stay lazy waiting for MORE free government stimulus checks? Get a job, work and do your part. Stand for our flag and bow to God.
Have you ever heard Paul’s words? 2 Thessalonians 3:10? “If a man will not work he shall not eat.” Timothy 5:8 talks about a man who does not provide for his family. Providers, wake up and smell the coffee, roses or yeast rolls. Go to work, earn an honest day’s salary and provide for yourself and family. God is watching us. Forget about keeping up with The Joneses – they put on their pants one leg at a time, too. Most pants are polyester or gabardine material, so it is all about what or who is in the pants. Be responsible for little children, elderly and helpless animals. America is our home – stay proud and free. Our soldiers gave their lives for our freedoms. THINK and be thankful.
Four animal tidbits: (1) a man from an European country (Malta) lead his five-year old crossbreed, Star, to the woods on May 19, 2011. He fires 40 pellets into his head, ties his snout, ties four paws together, beats him and digs a grave. He covers the grave with cardboard and a tree stump. The dog whimpered and was able to poke his nose out of the grave, so fortunately welfare officers find Star while checking out another abuse case. In Malta the maximum jail time is a year and small fine. Twenty families want to adopt Star, and in time he trusted a new owner, Max. Sadly, Star developed pancreatic inflammation and died June 9, 2011. Over 1,000 people have donated to his vet’s bills; 50,000 signed up for a Star solidarity Facebook page. A reward is out for the abuser. There are 110 other dogs who have gone through bad experience and need homes in Malta. (2) Dustin Edwards from Bristol, Va., faces 1-5 years in jail and a fine up to $2500. He dragged his dog attached to his car. Officers arrived too late. (3) Mandy Garner of Texas had her Shih Tzu service dog Gizmo injured by youth pouring boric acid over her dog. Gizmo had both eyes removed and will require lifelong care for other injuries. (4) Astro, a heroic Pitbull, saved his owner by running to a neighbor with persistent barking and guided help to his master in El Paso. Astro tried to jump into the ambulance, but firemen took him for safety. He was a stray who lived off the street and had only lived with them with no training for a year. He was a hero not a threat. The breed has received a bad name from bad people abusing. Google Michael Vicks for example. Poetic justice – his mansion will be used as a new home for abused animals.

2021 SOMEONE CARES – Nolin River Wildlife Sanctuary in Glendale, Ky., had two unlikely pals, Boone, a sweet neutered disabled raccoon and Benton, a Great Pyrenees. Engineering students and teacher Russ Hike met Boone at Central Hard High School. They had a goal and met for three regular fitting appointments. Third time was charm! The design worked for Boone. He could travel all over the Sanctuary and enjoy mud holes and the pond. Benton was his pal and kept his eyes on Boone. When Boone was out of his stroller (made of plastic pipe and fittings, four wheels and a plaid pet jacket for softness) the two were in each other arms. Benton liked to keep his paw around Boone. These great students and teacher learned a valuable world project – take care of helpless animals, little children and elderly. God will bless Hike and his students. Some of these students WILL make a difference in this world, and they have already made a difference for ONE of God’s creations. Pass it on …

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