News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“If you remember ME — I’ll always be with YOU.” – unknown
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Minnie Lee Plunk Davis (10-30-47 to 4-20-22) – Memory Gardens; Carl Lee Armstrong (4-30-43 to 4-21-22) – Big Springs; Annie Mae Porter Bennett (8-11-30 to 4-23-22), sister of former Freed-Hardeman University landscape designer Arlon Porter – Memory Gardens; Riley Brooks (1-21-37 to 4-24-22), brother of Mike Brooks and oldest of nine siblings – Mississippi; and Max Roy Massengill (11-5-38 to 4-23-22), husband of Linda McEarl and daddy of Anthony and Jennifer – Unity.
When Don and I resettled in Jacks Creek to our present home (1975), we developed a friendship as couples with Linda and Max. We enjoyed visiting, eating fresh garden foods including a huge cooker of corn-on-the-cob and playing cards. It was fun seeing their new living room get furnished with Mississippi furniture. I have known, loved and respected the McEarls my entire life. Max drove to Memphis each day to work at a trucking company. He hated the long drive but did it to support his family with better wages. I caught a ride to Memphis with Max to spend time with Phyllis McEarl. Max asked why I was pressing MY brakes! I looked down and saw my foot pushed deeply into the mat. Max was used to heavy traffic with a breath of air between bumpers.
I clearly remember the McEarl siblings being devoted caregivers — their mother needed extra care. Even though Max drove long hours on the road, he did his part as a caregiver. He told me it was aging him and pointed out his wrinkles with twinkling eyes. Max was a talker and knew tidbits about lots of subjects. He could definitely entertain the crowd. He was a grand person and good friend to many. We will miss him. Pray for the three “girls” left at home – Linda, Jen-Jen and McKayla. Anthony sure favors his daddy. It is nice to see a touch of Max still on this earth.
Tenderly remember Larry Morris (4-20-21). Prayers for Andy Manes; Billy Lynn Maness; and Larry and Anita Lambert. In school we called Anita “Pickle.” I know she is doing all she can in prayer for her beloved. Warm hugs sent to her and pal, Brenda Johnson.
Terry Boothe liked the quote, “If you find a penny – someone in heaven is thinking about you.” Sharon Boothe and grandkids, Baylee Jones and Kaylee Shackelford, are saving pennies. The girls wanted to walk in their granddaddy’s steps by sending checks to Saint Jude to help little kids with cancer. Terry was a faithful donator. Sharon mailed their check (pennies saved) with Terry’s obit and picture with an explanation of what her little grandkids had done. What a valuable life lesson Sharon has taught. Part of Terry remains in his surviving family, so that is comforting.
Class of 1957 will meet May 21 at the high school small cafeteria. I am taking pictures, so wear lipstick (men can be daring).
Delores Perkins loves cats and dogs. She has suffered silently over the loss of her sweet Nodia Ann Perkins (7-4-04 to 2-24-22). Nodia was a lovely yellow tabby with darker yellow stripes. I saw her coloring as orange. She had beautiful green eyes. My favorite habit of hers was climbing into laps and going straight to the mouth. She enjoyed smelling “milk breath.” It touched me that she claimed Don and me as part of her family. She loved dogs, especially Ringo, cats and different people. Nodia was an affectionate lap cat for 18 blessed years. Delores loved and misses her deeply. Don and Greg Williams dug her grave near her home on Cherry Cove. We plan to plant orange flowers by her grave. She was a special kitty-cat who wrapped your heart with her tender soft paws. She leaves her sister, Trisha” Valentine Perkins (Russian blue) who is now enjoying her master’s lap.
UPDATE to the person who dumped a cat Feb. 17 in this area. The poor momma cat had kittens two days later. She had no safe place to live; kittens disappeared after birth, but responsible people tried to find the kittens. Piggly Wiggly does not deliver groceries to momma cats, so she had to go grocery hunting! Her body was found a distance down the road late last week. She was in the family way AGAIN! Just wanted YOU to know YOU were seen dumping and rushing off into the midnight hour. God knows YOU are the irresponsible person.
We all need compassion, patience, acceptance, self-love and love toward mankind and animals. These are a few qualities we value in others. Strive to live this way and develop these in your heart. Failure means these qualities cannot live in our world until they live in us. We share life with mankind and animals. Ask God for forgiveness and seek good qualities that others can see in you. YOU will feel better and God will smile.

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