News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Gone is the face we loved so dear. Silent the voice we loved to hear. Too far away for sight or speech, but not too far for thoughts to reach.” – John Kilpatrick
Eleven grieving families have our thoughts and prayers – (1) Mary Gwendolyn Rhodes Raphael (3-18-35 to 5-21-22) lived in Maryland. She was the daughter of Frederick and Robbie Anderson Rhodes and sister of Gary Rhodes, our former Jacks Creek Postmaster who left us June 2, 2013. Gwendolyn wrote me two nice letters and called to thank me for including her granddaddy’s name in the news. She loved to hear from home. Gwen had been on my mind strongly Saturday through Monday. I decided I would surprise Gwen with pictures of her family’s graves, so I made them Monday morning. I had planned to mail them this week, but now Leslie, her daughter will get the pictures later. Extra sensory perception or coincidence? (2) Douglas Guy Stanfill (8-5-1964 to 5-17-2022) his mother, Robbie Stanfilll was a hairdresser. Her family made many Jones reunions she organized – Memorial Gardens; (3) Joyce Lanell Naylor Beecham (6-28-1943 to 5-18-2022) worked in the school system. She was a lot of fun. Her sister Willodean Whittaker missed her Class of 1957 Reunion on Saturday due to losing her beloved sister. This was tenderly mentioned at the reunion with thoughts toward Willodean and Joyce’s family – Old Friendship.
Also, (4) Janet Elizabeth Weaver Davis (12-7-1945 to 5-10-2022) lived in Jacks Creek and was so very loved. Such a great friend to have and kind to everyone. She was a teacher, Godly woman and wife of a preacher. The sisters, Elizabeth Davis, Barbara Taylor, Tana Honeycutt and Lori Hanson would return home for a reunion at their Jacks Creek, but slowly things changed. Elizabeth was the daughter of Herman and Lily Thomas Weaver – Medlin Cemetery in Trophy, Texas; (5) Preston K’ier Rowland (7-15-2021 to 5-17-2022) nephew of Deanna Rowland of Jacks Creek – Pisgah; (6) Luke James Russell (5-18-2022 to 5-18-2022) son of Katie Lowrance and Joey Russell – no service; (7) Misty Dawn Wildermuth (4-30-1980 to 5-20-2022) mother of daughters, Breniee and Breanna of Jacks Creek and sister of Perry Wildermuth of Jacks Creek. Tyler, her son, lives in Lexington – burial in Memory Gardens; (8)Yolanda Jean Smith (12-11-1974 to 5-20-2022) was from the Class of 1994 – Mt. Gilead in Bethel Springs; (9) Kristi Leigh Donaldson Taylor (6-10-1974 to 5-22-2022) was from the Class of 1992. I taught Kristi at junior high and called her “Dimples.” She was so extra sweet with big bright eyes. Her smile was very contagious. Who couldn’t love her? Prayers to her family.
Also, (10) Betty Jo Robbins (2-13-40 to 5-23-2022) – no service; (11) Janice Yates Patterson (10-17-1950 to5-21-2022) held lots of honors to her family and students. She was Mother of the Year, Grandmother of the Year, Nana of the Year, Wife of the Year, Sister-in-law of the Year and through most of her years she was Caregiver of Her Lifetime. Toward the end it was Janice’s turn to tenderly receive the same love she had given throughout her life. When I carried food to their home, she and Tommy were so gracious. It was special to share some memories with them. She had a great memory for details and brought me an artistically designed paper bag filled with veggies from her garden.
Prayers for Ruby Malone; Janise McCall, Eva Jones; Barbara Rhodes; Margaret Sikes Williams; and Mary Graves. My dear cousins, Andy and Doris Maness are ill.
Willadean Maness Thrasher came to the Class Reunion thanks to her friend Pat Troxill riding with her from Memphis for support. Willadean’s twin, Maxine Joy Whitaker, lives in Virginia and could not attend due to health issues with Jack and herself. Maybe they can make the next one in 2024! I hope my other cousin, Alice Stovall, is not being too hard on her Buddy Hubby to have a huge garden. He spoils her and the rest of us. Cousin Billy Lynn Maness will have to by-pass garden work this year. These “Golden Years” are tarnished, aren’t they? I get so tired of grunting and using the cane. I wish I could run, hop, skip and squat. Rich indeed!
Kindness shown to me at Family Dollar Store. It was one of my “bad” days Thursday. I was trying to find items for Unity Decoration Day. When I walked in, Clarissa pointed to the aisle that contained ALL the treasures I needed (shop at home is a roar). A gentleman customer carried my three storage boxes to the checkout, and I slowly got my FULL buggy to checkout.
Clarissa packed items in the boxes just perfectly and carried and loaded them into my vehicle. I did wonder if she was going to offer to lift me into my vehicle. Ha! I asked her name and introduced myself to her. Her grandmother Lovie Ross lives at Jacks Creek. What a thrill to find out Grandmother had helped raise a very special grandchild. I am going to bake this child a nice surprise soon. I appreciated her service, or I would have had to cancel my buggy items. The nice thing about getting older I do recognize there are really nice people willing to help you. Thank you greatly.
Jack’s Restaurant will be a little lonely without cheerful and knowledgeable Jerry Bishop. He left for Arizona last Friday. He had a three-week vacation. Mary Evelyn Randolph met him and the other “boys” doing their early breakfast. Mary learned she knew most of the gang and fit right in with them. She learned they are not the gossiping kind, so she listened close the first time! Ha!
Class of 1957 had their 65th reunion. Next week a picture and story will be shared.
Unity Cemetery was beautiful. We are enduring dozer work, so excuse the wet mud. It will be nice when we finish. Donation appreciated for the Unity Cemetery Fund. Blessing to you. Call for the address 989-4093.
Memorial Day is May 30 at City Hall. We are honoring those whom gave their lives for our freedoms. Their names are engraved in granite on the Courthouse lawn.
“God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light above” – Irving Berlin.

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