News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” —- Winnie the Pooh
Our community expresses sympathy to five families: (1) Virginia Frances Brown Lute (12-8-1931 to 1-4-2023) – Lake Hill Memorial in Bethel Springs; (2) Cynthia “Cindy” Lynn Burkhead Barham (7-19-1976 to 1-3-2023). I taught sweet kids, Ronnie and Gloria, at junior high and remember a little sister, Cindy – no service at funeral home; (3) Richard Ramsey Kirby (2-4-1929 to 1-3-2023) daddy of friend, Kathy (Jerry) Emerson – Memory Gardens; (4) Charles “Sonny” Harvey Easley (1-8-1950 to 1-4-2023) celebrated his 73rd birthday in heaven with parents, Dewell Harvey Easley and Hazel Pusser Easley Shoemaker (Maurice) and close siblings, Danny, Gerald and Marilyn. His earthly family loved him dearly — Wayne, Steve, Diane, Teresa, Beverly. I know Beverly. She would drop everything to go to her beloved brother. I know she keeps her brother and other siblings in her heart. Beverly was so kind to Don’s daddy, Travis Jones until his death in 2002. Travis said no person could clean his floors like Beverly. He loved the smell. Thank you, Beverly, and blessings to you; and (5) Kathryn “Kathy” Odessa Maness Busby (1-11-1944 to 1-4-2023).
My mother Bobbie Nobles’ granddaddy, Ernest Maness, was a brother to Kathy’s granddaddy, David “Dave” Alexander. That makes our families ‘kissin’ cousins. Kathy had wonderful parents I remember so well attending Clarks Creek Primitive Baptist Church. They were Henry Grady (1-9-1898/5-27-1988) and Bonnie Sansom (12-6-1908/2-6-1997). They had eight children – David Randolph (9-29-1928/5-15-2009); Margaret Rebecca Wallace (10-15-1930/10-30-2016); Grady Kenneth (7-11-1932/1-13-2013); Bonnie Ann Walker (8-6-1934/2-24-2000); Ruby Sue P. H. Malone (9-2-1937 from Jacks Creek); Dorothy Jane Miller (8-3-1939 from Glendale); Martha Nell R. Bishop (12-6-1941 was born on her mother’s birthday); and Kathy was the baby almost born on her daddy’s birthday. Once grown they never had spats – they are close and work everything out with grace. I love them.
Prayer requested for Damon Ross and my friends, Brenda H., Delores P. and Harold James. Prayers to Linda B. and Paul S.
Do you do kindnesses for people? I had hoped we would continue this good habit all year as I suggested in 2022. For those that are doing kindness for children, elderly or animals, thank you so greatly from the bottom of my heart. God is watching us, isn’t he? I hope the Enville lady found help with four precious puppies dumped into her life. Chris at Piggly Wiggly took time to help me (a vegetarian). Sharon Booth helped show how to shop at Family Thrift. Freda Jones patiently sacked clothes up so nicely washed, dried and smelled so clean. An older dog was dumped or lost or escaped in town; someone nice is looking after him until something comes up positive for the dog. Arlene Hill offered her arm to help me upstairs and hugged me for support at the funeral home. Jean Tignor, Jane Morris and Charlotte Joyner have called to check on me often. Brenda Hannah carried chicken dinner to Charles and Ruby Malone’s home to help after Kathy Busby’s funeral. I carried surprise cabbage casserole and Mexican cornbread to offer help, too. Little kindnesses go a long way and make more than one happy. God is not smiling alone.
I heard Jimmy and Brenda Tignor Reddin had a big crowd of friends celebrating their golden anniversary on Jan. 8 at Unity. I am so sorry I did not leave a reminder note on my front door. I absolutely forgot. I love the Tignors and earlier had mentioned to Jean Tignor the date was on my daddy’s birthday. How could I have forgotten? Please overlook me, Jimmy and Brenda. I will bring you a little surprise to eat. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so now I have to figure out a redhead’s route!
Congratulations to Damon and Tina Ross’ daughter. Brooke married Ross Vantrump in Gatlinburg on Dec. 20, 2022. Damon Ross said he could not forget his son-in-law’s first name, Ross.
I hope you liked “On the Wings of a Dove” (four issues for 2021 through 2022). Please thank Taylor for helping. Glenda Nobles Parchman is due many pats on the back. She is organized and keeps up with deceased and the date of the newspaper. Always consider buying your loved one a last tribute called an obit. If you can not, Chester County Independent offers a complimentary one. It keeps a record of your loved one once living in Chester County and perhaps buried here. Check with other funeral homes out of county; they can phone in Name, Birth, Death, Burial and Funeral Home and receive a complimentary obit if they ASK for it for your loved one, but you have to ask them to do this kindness. Example – four people were buried at Unity recently, but their funerals were out of Chester County. Their obit was not in Chester County Independent but in the county where the funeral was held. How would I know if it does not appear in our paper or on Shackelford site to guide me? Those persons get left behind without a paper trail, but still buried in Chester County. Just trying to be helpful…..
Do you remember old obits from years ago? They were written with so much love and thoughtfulness. All names were included. No numbers for grandchildren or great grandchildren, but names. Pall bearers were named and the minister. Sweet loving words that expressed heartfelt feelings. I miss those. I hate “form” papers. They are cold and so not personal. Hint: Write your obit today. Your family might not know your birth, death, siblings, parents, jobs or hobbies or what you died from (that needs to be included for future generations). Take care of your own business, so you know it will be what you like. Make copies and share.
Question —- Would you rather pick out your outfit each morning or have someone else pick out your clothes???

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