News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Every day in a life fills the whole life with expectation and memory.” – C.S. Lewis
Sympathy is expressed to the families of Isaac Vann Gregory (4-11-03 to 4-7-23). He graduated from Chester County High School Class of 2021, son of George and Rebecca – Bethel Cemetery; Jeffrey Dean Thomas (7-24-56 to 4-10-23), son of John Thomas and Kay Rhodes Thomas. Jeff served in the United States Navy and TN National Guard – no service; and Kerra Jean Denham (8-23-62 to 4-13-23) had a celebration of life at Haltom Chapel Church.
Continue prayers for Clint Murley who came home this weekend; Sheila Ryals is improving. Sherrill, Katie and Big Foot are holding down the garden spot and throwing a log on the fire to keep the home fires burning.
Chester County Independent is running a chart for Decoration Days. If you see a cemetery left out and desire for it to be printed call 879-7485 for changes. Please note the Bailey Cemetery at Jacks Creek desires to change their decoration date. They changed to last Sunday in April.
Andy and Doris Maness moved to Memphis, but they returned to Bells Drive-Inn for lunch Wednesday. Their children, Joey Maness and Karen McPherson, drove them down to join cousins, Vickie Ellis, Kathy Pounds, Don and Pat Jones, and best friends, Charles and Ruth Webb. Mary Randolph Curtis and Delores Perkins came to say hello, too. Special guests with Andy and Doris were the Maness twins, Willadean and Joy Maxine, plus Joy’s daughter, Julie. We went to Old Friendship to decorate the Maness grave then on to Jacks Creek to go down Memory Lane. It was difficult to see them leave for Memphis. They are special. My momma’s cousins loved so dearly. Mother’s 92nd birthday was Sunday. She would have a special gift.
Back in Time Antiques and Boutiques had a grand blast for customers this weekend. Besso’s prepared a spring harvest – delicious, beautiful and organized so neatly. The finger foods were lovely and plentiful for shoppers. They had continuous drawings. I won a red beautiful floral arrangement. Regina Brooks got lots of folks to come. The owners are Tim, Lori and Dillon Barham. Booths had discounts on any treasure you found. I got a purse, lamb and hanging cat sign for Dusty Haven. While looking I saw Jean (Barry) Smith and Jean’s mother, Robbie. She has been visiting for a week. Regina took our picture. Yeah! Kathy Tignor Belew you may get a picture on April 21st birthday, age 72!
I received a lovely surprise. Teressa brought me a Superwoman outfit while I was sitting in Dusty Haven. If I go on a diet I might squeeze some body part into the darling outfit. I am not for sure if I can do the 360 degree turn though but willing to try. Nothing like a good joke! If you see a flying cape, it is Superwoman daring to aim high. I do mean high in the trees out of sight and mind.
I know a young super boy! His name is Eli Brown, great-grandson of Regina and Mike Brooks. He scored the winning run the last night; he got the ball and posed for a picture. Lots of people are proud of the little feller. Dale and Christopher are proud.
Four Kindness – (1) Daylon (Piggly Wiggly) carried groceries to my car in such a favorable way. His brothers, Landyn, Nolyn and Aldyn, are being taught good work ethics like big brother; (2) Colton (Cash Savers) knows egg-actly how to handles several dozen eggs without one breakage and easily places bags in a good line; (3) Bailey saw me struggling at Dollar Tree and wanted to help so graciously and with a smile; and (4) Freda delivered dessert for two. What more can a woman desire in nice acts of kindness? It is good to give and receive. God smiles…..the world is better.
Three Animal tidbits: Cats’ mouths have 130 types of bacteria; dogs’ mouths have 53; and humans’ have 37.
Three tornado tidbits: (1) March 18, 1925 – a tornado traveled 219 miles from Ellington, Mo., to Princeton, Ind., for three and half hours. It killed 695 including 17 students at Longfellow School. It was called Tri-State Tornado. (2) In 1977 a Southern Airway DC9 had both engines destroyed by hail from a tornado. The pilot did a force landing. (3) There are three states without a tornado for over 25 years – Alaska, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. Now we know why those politicians head for Washington, D.C. and stay too long. Wonder if they eat snow cones or cotton candy? Aren’t those goodies served in tornado-shape holders? Ha!
Three recorded men who were sucked into the center of a tornado – (1) June 22, 1928 – Will Keller from Greensburg, Kan.; (2) spring in 1951 – Roy Hall from McKinnet, Texas; and (3) March 12, 2006 – Matt Suter from Fordland, Mo. Do you remember a Middlefork couple, Mr. and Mrs. Don Tignor, who were found out in the field pulled from their trailer?
What a man can do sometimes a woman can do better. Her name was not Josephine, but it is recorded a woman rode a toilet into a tornado. Diane Neises from Kansas ran into her safe bathroom and wrapped arms around the toilet base and held on tightly. Next, she was flying into the center of the tornado. She survived with some injuries. It is funny because she lived to tell about it and lovingly was the butt of many jokes. Great story to pass down to grandkids. That safe room is looking better. I go to the bathroom with pillows and blanket. Charmin already there! Ha
Airplane trip? Oct. 3, 1979 – United Airlines Flight 220 was about to land on runway 6, but it was the same runway a F4 tornado was about to cross. Everyone in the air traffic control tower had fled. Passengers saw the funnel cloud. The pilot Captain George Deihs opened up throttle, pulled nose up and went full power out of tornado path. He saved 114 passengers!
QUESTION – Would you rather your car to break down on a busy freeway or a deserted backroad???

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