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with Gayle Cox

Even though we are having heat this week, there is a hint of fall in the air. Hope to see a great turn out of people at the Chester County Barbeque Festival this weekend. I am sure there will be plenty of good food to enjoy and a way to spend a few hours outside.
Membership dues are currently due and can be mailed to Ann Moore at 2715 State Rt. 225, Henderson, TN 38340. We need more community involvement for our center and would like to invite people to join in. Annual dues are $25. We appreciate all our members and would like to have more events if we can get enough help to do so. Call Ann or myself if you have any new ideas for the center or wish to get involved. 
Montezuma sends out happy belated birthday wishes to Sawyer Moore for Sept. 18.
Happy birthday wishes to Kaitlyn Colbert on Sept. 23, Stacy Pruitt, Braydon Todd Beshires, Pud Oliver and my son Joel Cox on Sept. 25, Linda Emerson on Sept. 26, Doug Thomas on Sept. 27 and Aiden Atkin on Sept. 28.
I do not know that many of you have read the recent article about the Chester County Commission meeting, but everyone should take note of the recent changes in how things are going with them and how they plan to handle the budget and finance for our county. People within this county should be able to get along and make decisions based on ways the majority of the people of Chester County voted during the election and honor what is best for our community overall. We actually have a mixture of men and women as commissioners, and, personally, I feel the committees they form should have a mixture of those elected people simply due to the difference in their thought process. It seems that the changes that came about were quite a surprise to a select few, and others knew about these in advance. Everyone has their own opinion, but how our local government operates should be a concern to all residents of Chester County.
Just praying that decisions made over the next four years will be what is best for all of Chester County. Our Chester County Commissioners, Mayors and other local leaders, government officials, law enforcement, first responders, healthcare workers, teachers and administrators and many others can certainly use our prayers daily with all that is going on in our world. There is much spiritual warfare with society accepting things that go against who God is and what HIS laws are that we are to follow. Every day of life has its challenges, but if we look to God for the right path, it can be a good one.
Please pray for Lois Armour, Kathy Emerson, Jeanette Walker, Paul Schilling, Lisa Bishop, Kolby Cumingham, Jennifer Paton, Imogene Naylor, Dwight Rhodes, Lill Emerson, Samantha Stark, Nancy Crouse, Martha Cooper, Jake Richardson, Ashley Pugh, Faye Morrison, Ann Morrison, Faye Crouse, Ed Morris, Ann Moore (for test) and others that are sick or healing. We especially want to remember the families of Mrs. Dee Phillips, Rosalene Knipper, Celeste Moore and other families that have recently lost loved ones.
Always looking for noteworthy news to share in this column. Please send to or text me at 608-2857.

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