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News from the New Friendship & Mifflin Communities of Chester County

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with Vickie Ellis

Hello to all! I hope everyone had a very good week. The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing and there were some gray clouds over a very pale blue sky on Saturday. Our birds have been visiting along with an occasional squirrel. Our sweet little Pepper is rolling on the floor as I write and life is good. I do have my ups and downs as most people do. Nick’s birthday will be 7-12, and he left this world 12-11-97. He was 14 then and would be 38 this birthday. It would be beyond wonderful to see him and hug him. We wonder how different life would have been if he were still here. Maybe we would have some more grandchildren and another daughter-in-law. Such a happy, funny, loving child. I know we are not the only ones who have lost a child, and I will say I am so sorry. We travel the same journey of child loss if you have lost a child. So many unanswered questions that Satan torments with. I get down and then turn my thoughts towards the Lord and our blessings, and I weather the storm with help. Hugs to all who travel this path.
The weather forecast predicted an 80 percent chance of rain Sunday. The humidity has been awful. James can handle the heat better than I can. I guess it is from all the years he worked in the weather, but I still have to keep an eye on him. He tends to try and go like the energizer bunny, and I know even bunnies need a little rest. I was surprised and delighted to see the parking lot repaved at Hays Cash Saver/Dollar General.
I read where Jeff Foxworthy is going to be here for the Freed-Hardeman Benefit Dinner on Dec. 3. Williams Auditorium has Mike Walker scheduled for 8-7 and Jason Crabb for 9-11. We are very fortunate to have this available here. Jackson has not had concerts in years. I did win tickets to the Pointer Sisters years ago and had a ball! They are having the Gospel Sing this week at the Civic Center and from what I saw on the news, they have had great attendance. I hope we will continue to have opportunities to enjoy these for years to come.
Happy birthday to De Scott, 7-13; Bryan McMorris, 7-15; Tracy Lovell, Gaylan Connor and Brandy Vires, 7-16; and Jared Blankenship, 7-17.
Happy anniversary to Chastity and David King, 7-12, and Donna and Matt Dickey, 7-15.
Please continue to remember these in prayer Sheila Berry, Charlie Brewer, Robert and Joyce Brewer, J.T. Butler, Jackie Chambers, Walter Cooper, Wood Deming, Rachel Ellington, Nancy McCaskill, LaVelle Page, Beth Plunk, Pam Priddy, Jesse Pugh, Logan Rencher, Randy Sells, Dalton Seratt, Missy Seratt, David Tucker, Tony Tucker, Adam Wise and the families of Denise Armstrong and Missy Dean.
Also, please pray for our military, law enforcement, our country and its leaders, those afftected by COVID and first responders. There are many sick and hurting. Please say a prayer for those; even if you do not know their name, God does. Prayer is not an obligation; it is the greatest privilege we have. Pray yourself through each day.  
“Just Close Your Eyes” by Helen Steiner Rice from “Good Things” – “Just close your Eyes and open your heart/And feel your worries and cares depart/Just yield yourself to the Father above/And let Him hold you secure in His love/For life on earth grows more involved/With endless problems that can’t be solved/But God only asks us to do our best/Then He will take over and finish the rest/So when you are tired, discouraged and blue/There is always one door that is open to you/And that is the door to The House of Prayer/And you’ll find God waiting to meet you there/And The House of Prayer is no further away/than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray/For the heart is a temple when God is there/As we place ourselves in His loving care/And He hears every prayer and answers each one/When we Pray in His name – Thy will be done/The burdens that seemed too heavy to bear/Are lifted away on the wings of a prayer.”
I pray you all have a wonderful week, and may it be filled with love, joy, peace and blessings. 
Remember: if you have news, please email me at mimmiepots@gmail.com. I would truly appreciate any news. People from here and those who have moved from our area but still want to keep in touch through the newspaper are hungry for news from home.

Until next week, Happy Trails to You.

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