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with Mary Lynn Lambert

The Beshires and I traditionally take a yearly family vacation together. This year, we decided to visit Yellowstone National Park. Linda’s favorite memories from the trip were watching the wildlife, such as the bison and elk, and enjoying the cool pleasant weather. Even on 90 degree days, the park felt quite pleasant, not having the humidity we are accustomed to at home. Kevin’s favorite highlight was driving down the caldera walls of the Yellowstone super volcano. Willard purchased an audio guide, and we learned several interesting facts about Yellowstone. One interesting fact is that the Yellowstone River is the longest free flowing river in the Continental United States. The Mississippi River is actually the longest river, but it is interrupted by damns. Willard shared that his favorite part of the trip was watching his grandson enjoy the elk right outside the car window. Otto seemed impressed by a funky shaped geyser called White Cone Geyser, but he also enjoyed all the motorcycles and dogs.
One attraction that really impressed me was the Norris Geyser Basin. Readers of this column may have heard of Old Faithful, known for the timeliness of its eruptions. The Norris Geyser Basin features Steamboat Geyser, known for its unpredictability. When we visited Steamboat, there had been a recent eruption in July, and there were several visitors camping out for the day in hopes of seeing it erupt again. We overheard one visitor say that they visit daily in hopes to see Steamboat in action. It has been known to rise as high as 300 feet at full height.
There is truly something for everyone in Yellowstone whether you love nature or wildlife or people watching. If you are a waterfall enthusiast, you do not want to miss The Upper and Lower Falls in Canyon Valley. The valley is also a popular picnic spot. My best advice to anyone wanting to visit is spend more than one day. There is so much to see!
If you are considering running for alderman, be sure to complete your signatures and turn in your petitions. Gail Mayfield reminds us that petitions for Town Board of Alderman are due by Aug. 22 to the Hardeman County Election Commission.
If you have travel stories or fond memories from growing up in Silerton, I would love the opportunity to feature them in the paper. Please email me at if you have news or stories to share.

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