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Open burning rules exclude burning of natural disaster debris

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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Air Pollution Control, open burning rules include an exception for anyone conducting open burning of materials resulting only from a natural disaster, subject to certain conditions. The recent weather/natural disaster event in your area may qualify under the open burning exception. If a government decides to propose a collective burn site to dispose of debris from the natural disaster, please visit Guidelines for Open Burning Natural Disaster Debris for further information and instructions. Especially note that any governmental collective burn site requires a three-day advance notice to the appropriate regional Environmental Field Office.
Please only propose governmental collective burn locations that will have minimal impact on public health and safety. For example, stay away from homes and congested areas, schools, hospitals, highways, etc.
Upon receipt of a governmental collective burn site notification, Air Pollution Control staff will conduct a site evaluation and will respond in writing for your records. If the location is unsuitable, you must propose a different location before you burn.
The alternative use of chippers and grinders, landfilling, or on-site burial of waste in lieu of burning, if lawful, is encouraged.

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