Stimulate the stimulus

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By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

Is anyone else happy that the Impeachment trial round two is over? And Finished? For now?
I am.
I am also so tired of the political theater.
Congress needs to get down to the business of accurately representing the voters who fund their paychecks.
The past few years: have been super divisive: rural against urban; coastal states (except Florida) against the heartland; Democrats against Republicans; black against white.
It is time that all of America get to work for our country: Democrat AND Republicans; rural AND urban; blacks AND whites.
In his last public speech in 1799, Patrick Henry uttered the famous phrase “United we stand, divided we fall.” Unless our nation unites there are forces outside our country that have not had it as good as we have had that will eagerly take over our beautiful country,
It alarms me how many U.S. businesses are already under the ownership of companies headquartered in China. Like the Japanese who bought up land and businesses in Hawaii, China not only already owns a substantive stake in America but also holds more than a trillion dollars in U.S. debt. Japan is not far behind.
Economists say to not worry, that other countries buying up debt is normal and necessary to stabilize their own currency.
Still, it seems troublesome.
While I agree that it is time to fully address the COVID-19 pandemic with “warp speed”, it is also time to fully focus on getting U.S. small businesses and individual households back on track, not through stimulus check after stimulus check, but a literal “shot in the arm” toward economic independence separate from government monetary relief.
When small business thrives, wages naturally rise and expansions occur that create jobs. I would rather see incentives for business and personal growth than a continuous flow of free stimulus money that could discourage innovation.
But those are only my opinions.
What do you think?
Oh, and read more newspapers.
Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent

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