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Sunrise By David Coy: Basic Needs

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By David Coy

As a new year and a new decade begins, we can be encouraged and reminded of our past blessings and futures hopes and expectations. It is universally agreed that we all possess basic needs as a single universal race – the human race. Those needs are love, security, self-worth and significance. Perhaps if we were to reflect upon each of these individually, we could and would identify with them all, or at least most, at some time in our lives. At different periods in our life, we probably have lost one or more of these basic needs, and thus, we know how it feels deep in our heart to lose something in addition to loved ones. With every turn in life, when a door is closed, an opening presents itself.
Thus, we should be able to see before us opportunities as well as challenges. While we all are different with unique life experiences, we do have similarities. We can identify with others to help support those who are also in their journey with grief. Our need for significance and self-worth may be seen as linked to our behavior. We may bolster these desires in building positive relationships in our lives in our family, our friends and acquaintances. When loss in any area of our life occurs, it will help immensely to have prepared by possessing a solid strong support system of family or friends. It is these relationships that make life a joy and allow us to endure the hardships that naturally come along.
As we begin a new year, let us build a strong support system around us. If we have family, cherish them and work to ensure strong relationships. If new relationships need to be developed, I would encourage you to develop them and keep them healthy and strong. We will be blessed in so doing.
This is Sunrise Aftercare, sunrise@sfdcares.com.

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