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Sunrise By David Coy: Deepest Darkest

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By David Coy

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A valley of the shadow of death is used metaphorically. An ancient writer paints the picture like a ravine overhung by high precipitous cliffs. Some suspect it would also possess dense forests where only a little light is able to shine through thus giving an eerie and foreboding appearance. Sometimes life presents circumstances that compel us to walk a path that we perceive is our darkest shadow like walking through a forest dark and mysterious startled by every noise and movement. It is during these times in our journey with grief we need the comfort and consolation from the support of those who walk with us in our journey. This is especially true and significant in the ancient writing that employs the language used in the opening sentence of this article. The ancient writer says, “Even when I must walk through the darkest valley…”
Grief for some is that intense, so deeply traumatic, and so very lonely with a fearful unknown aspect to their future and purpose in life moving forward. Like walking through a deep dark valley where death or loss is so very much a part of their present every day existence. What or whom they lost was so very much an integral part of the survivors life that moving forward is a path that is unknown and unfamiliar to them. In the ancient writing it depicts a shepherd leading his sheep through a deep dark valley wherein may exist many dangers or pitfalls. The sheep trust the shepherd implicitly. We must trust there is a purpose and life beyond our loss.
We have grief support group available to give support for those who would benefit from shared consolation and ‘bearing one another’s burdens.’ I look forward to seeing you there.

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